Swath Control Pro™ for planters
Swath Control Pro helps to minimize overplanting

Swath Control Pro helps to minimize overplanting

Swath Control Pro can be used to turn individual planter sections on and off, based on GPS.
This system helps to reduce overlap, especially in odd-shaped fields and near point rows, headlands, and waterways. The benefits of this system are as follows:
  • Reduced seed costs
  • Potential yield gains
  • Less risk of planting errors
  • Reduced potential for lodging
  • Reduced operator fatigue
  • Improved machine efficiency
Generally, there are two solutions for Swath Control Pro for planters:
  1. Half- or third-width disconnect solution
    Swath Control Pro turns sections on and off by utilizing the existing half- or third-width disconnects on the planter.

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  2. Individual-row control solution
    Swath Control Pro is fully functional when paired with RowCommand™ to control up to 16 sections via GPS on John Deere Pro-Shaft™ drive planters. RowCommand is John Deere's integrated solution, offered as either a factory-installed or field-installed solution. Swath Control Pro can also be enabled when using a GreenStar™ 2 (GS2) rate controller with third-party Tru Count clutch systems.
    NOTE: Tru Count systems are only available as field-installed options and must be purchased directly from Tru Count or a Tru Count dealer.

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How to build a system
  • Compatible implement
  • GreenStar-ready vehicle with an ISO implement connector
  • SeedStar™ 2 with RowCommand or a SeedStar Gen II Controller with a GS2 Rate Controller
  • GS2 display
  • StarFire™ iTC or original StarFire receiver
  • Swath Control Pro activation
Last Updated : 23-Jul-2013