Compatible with a variety of in-cab displays
No one farms alone. Each grower has chosen relationships with trusted advisors that help them get the most optimal results. For the best outcomes, a grower’s team needs access to all of the farm information and software tools that are going to drive the most informed decisions. All of the different machines and software tools a grower chooses to use generate valuable insights, and it is imperative that the data each of these tools captures is compatible with multiple systems.

Operations Center offers compatibility with various displays and file types as shown below.

NOTE: The data compatibility below refers to the ability to bring documentation data into Operations Center and does not include the ability to send setup data to the display.
  • √ = Full support – sufficient data and testing to have confidence in the compatibility.
  • β = Beta support – Limited testing with these file types. This is a way for Operations Center to more quickly meet growers’ data compatibility needs, and identify and correct any undesired experiences that may exist with these file types.
    • It is recommended that smaller amounts of data be uploaded at first to understand if the data is processing as expected.
    • When data not processing as expected, contact the Global Support Center (GSC) or submit details using the feedback link in Operations Center.
    • When sufficient data has been loaded to Operations Center without major or critical issues, the Beta tag will be removed, and the data will move to a fully supported state.
  • --- = Not available.
Date source File type Harvest Seeding Application Tillage
Generation 4 CommandCenter™ and Universal Displays .jdl
GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display .ver
GreenStar 2 2600 Display .ver
Ag Leader® Integra Display .agdata β
Ag Leader Versa™ Display .agdata β
Ag Leader Compass™ Display .agdata β
Ag Leader InCommand® 800 and 1200 Displays .agdata β β β β
Precision Planting 20/20 Generation 1 and 2 Displays .dat β ---
Precision Planting 20/20 Generation 3 Displays .2020*; .dat β ---
Raven Viper® 4 and Raven Viper 4+ Displays .jdp, .SSA β
Raven Envizio™ .jdp β β β β
Raven Viper Pro™ .jdp β β β β
Case IH® AFS Pro 300 .cn1* β β
Case IH AFS Pro 600 .cn1* β β
Case IH AFS Pro 700 .cn1* β β
Case IH FM-750 .AgGPS β β β β
Case IH FM-1000 .AgGPS β β β β
Case IH XCN-2050** .AgGPS β β β β
New Holland™ IntelliView™ II .cn1* β β
New Holland IntelliView Plus II .cn1* β β
New Holland IntelliView III .cn1* β β
New Holland IntelliView IV .cn1* β β
TopCon X25*** .CSV  β ---
TopCon X30*** .CSV  β ---
TopCon X35*** .CSV  β ---
Trimble® FmX® .AgGPS  β β β β
Trimble CFX-750™ .AgGPS  β β β β
Trimble TMX-2050™** .AgGPS  β β β β
Climate FieldView™ Cab app .dat  β β β β
*Not supported with the MyTransfer™ app at this time.
**Applies to display equipped with FmX Plus app only.
***Per-point data logging must be enabled on the display prior to documentation being recorded. Files from these displays with per-point data logging enabled will have .CSV files in them.

All file types from the data sources above are available to upload with a USB through File Manager in Operations Center or John Deere Data Manager. Data uploaded to File Manager must be zipped. Files greater than 100MB should be uploaded through John Deere Data Manager.

All file types without an asterisk (*) may also be uploaded through the MyTransfer app. To learn more about the files supported in the MyTransfer app, please see DTAC solution 102799.

Prescriptions in a .shp file format are supported in Operations Center from all data sources listed above.

The Generation 4 Displays and the GreenStar 3 2630 Displays may transfer documentation data wirelessly when configured with telematics. See the links below for more information.

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Last Updated : 16-Sep-2022