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Producers are using more site-specific plans to precisely manage production inputs. The soil and crop characteristics unique to each part of the field help optimize production inputs within small areas of each field. Precision agriculture allows applying only the seed fertilizer or chemicals needed for the most economic production. This also can improve stewardship of the land and the environment.

Prescriptions are the site-specific input plans for variable rate control of inputs using Precision Ag Technology. Equipment with global positioning system (GPS) and rate controllers can automatically apply different amounts of inputs in multiple zones in a field during a variable rate operation such as spreading dry fertilizer. The input plan is determined by a producer or their agronomist by using one or many factors, such as yield history, soil type, topography, irrigation, other prior operations, and other factors. Many of these factors can be viewed in Operations Center and correlations can be identified in the Field Analyzer tool prior to generating a prescription for the field.

Agrian Prescription Creator is the default connected software tool for prescriptions in Operations Center. It allows producers to easily make zones and variable rate prescriptions for application, seeding, and tillage operations.

Agrian Prescription Creator software

Agrian Prescription Creator software

Value in brief:
  • Optimize the placement of inputs
  • Reduce unnecessary input expense in historically lower-yielding areas of the field
  • Maximize economic benefit in high-performing areas
  • Integration with Operations Center to use one product list of inputs and historical operation records
  • Efficiently generate multiple prescriptions for a field at once to get ready for the season
  • Preview the prescriptions to verify the plan was correct
  • Manage the prescription files from creation to use on the display 
  • Create zones and prescriptions from operational data in the Operations Center
    • Users can access Prescription Creator by Agrian from Field Analyzer tool in Operations Center
    • Information stored in Operations Center is easily transferred to the Prescription Creator by Agrian for zone and prescription creation
    • Harvest yield and moisture information, soil information, free-form drawing tools, and many other layers can be used for generating zones
  • Automatically generate zones from prior operation records such as harvest yield
    • Zones are automatically created based on the layer that has been selected
    • Five zones are created by default, but that can be adjusted up or down with a maximum number of 15 zones
    • Users can manually split, merge, or adjust the size of any zone to distribute areas in field
    • Minimum zone size can be set
    • Assign products and rates to each zone quickly and easily
    • Easily set the high and low rates and then hit one button to automatically, and evenly, distribute across zones or manually enter or adjust any rate for any zone
Active and inactive field boundaries can be used to define field extents when manually drawing zones, giving flexibility to make plans for full field or partial field areas.

  • A field boundary is needed to use free-hand drawing zones or SSURGO soil survey.
    Prior field operation data from the Precision Ag display is needed to generate zones using any geospatial data layer in Field Analyzer (does not include contributed software tool PNG images).
Prescription management and preview in Operations Center:
  • Prescriptions are transferred from Agrian automatically to Operations Center
    • Once the prescription is created, it will be available in Operations Center where it can be downloaded or sent to the machine wirelessly.
    • Prescriptions can be sent to machines wirelessly through JDLink™ Connect or MyTransfer™ mobile app.
    • Prescriptions can be exported and moved via a USB flash drive.
    • For each prescription that is created in the Agrian tool, the prescription will be automatically linked to the field with an easily accessible preview from the main map.
    • Prescriptions can also be assigned manually to Jobs for communication and easy preview from the Work Manager tool.
Prescription preview in Operations Center

Prescription preview in Operations Center

NOTE: Imported shapefile prescriptions from other sources can be manually associated to a field or a job for previewing.

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Last Updated : 15-Jul-2019