CommandTouch™ multi-speed feederhouse drive
CommandTouch multi-speed feederhouse drive

CommandTouch multi-speed feederhouse drive

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The CommandTouch multi-speed feederhouse drive includes larger internal reverser components to match the high-torque output of this unique drive system. This drive system is base equipment on the 9870 STSTM Corn Combine and optional on the 9870 STS Grain and Rice Combines. This drive system is specifically designed to handle 12-row corn heads including the 12-row 30-in. StalkMasterTM (stalk-chopping) corn heads. The drive system includes these components to provide drive capacity exceeding that of the high-torque variable feederhouse drive:
  • Larger internal reverser gearbox components
  • High-tensile-strength belts to transmit power from the five-speed drive transmission to feederhouse backshaft
  • Multi-speed feederhouse drive system transmission shiftable on the go from the operator's station


The system utilizes a five-speed powershift transmission, like those used in John Deere row-crop tractors. The operator can select the feederhouse (corn head) speed that best matches crop conditions and ground speed on the go using the feederhouse speed button on the multi-function control handle.

When the engine is operating at 2340 rpm, feederhouse backshaft speed for each of the five transmission speeds will be:


Speed (rpm)











Feederhouse backshaft speed (rpm) and current gear selection can be viewed by the operator in the CommandCenter™ Armrest Display and is on the setpoint combine adjustment functions of 70 Series Combines.
Base Equipment On : 9870 STS Corn Combines
Optional Equipment On : 9870 STS Grain and Rice Combines
Last Updated : 23-Jan-2009