Header-height resume system
Rotary knob for header-height sensing

Rotary knob for header-height sensing

The automatic header-height sensing system compensates for uneven ground terrain when harvesting with a flexible platform, 600D Draper Platform, belt pickup or corn head, by controlling the vertical position of the head to the ground.
The system continuously compares the preset position of the cutterbar or head and the actual position and thus keeps the header in the desired working position. The desired height of cut is entered by a rotary knob control in the cab (shown in the picture above).
Information about the actual position of the cutterbar or head comes from sensor potentiometers mounted to the header. An on-board processor continuously evaluates both signals and automatically adjusts the header's position by means of the combine's hydraulic system.
This feature is extremely beneficial when harvesting low-growing crops,  soybeans or for maintaining an even height-of-cut to ensure a consistent rate of crop flow into the combine.


Three header activation buttons

Three header activation buttons

The header-height sensing system can be adjusted to operate the platform or header in any of three different positions as predetermined by the operator based on the crop and/or operating conditions.
The positions are easily obtained during harvesting by pushing any of one of the three header activation buttons, conveniently located on the hydro control handle, when the height sensing system is activated during operation.
NOTE: When operating 600 Series Rigid Platforms, height sensors are required for the height-sensing system on the combine to function.

Base Equipment On : 70 Series Combines
Last Updated : 08-Jul-2009