Heavy-duty slip clutch handles high volumes of material
Heavy-duty feederhouse slip clutch

Heavy-duty feederhouse slip clutch

The heavy-duty feederhouse slip clutch handles high volumes of material, providing increased uninterrupted productivity. 
The clutch delivers 1000 Nm of drive torque in the forward direction and 1200 Nm of torque in the reverse direction. The drive torque ensures the feederhouse reverser will easily remove any plugging of material that might occur.
Th 1000-Nm x 1200-Nm slip clutch is in base equipment on the 9670 STS™, 9770 STS, and 9870 STS Combines.
The 9570 STS Combines use a reliable 900-Nm feederhouse drive clutch.
Base Equipment On : 9670STS, 9770STS, and 9870STS Combines
Last Updated : 25-Sep-2010