Large-diameter auger provides greater crop material handling
26-in. diameter auger

26-in. diameter auger

The 600 Series Platform uses a large, 26-in. diameter auger. The flighting is 1 in. deeper, but the auger tube is the same diameter as the 600 Series Platform. This larger-diameter auger provides up to 30 percent greater crop material handling than previous models.
The larger auger accepts a larger mat of crop material underneath the auger, providing greater control of the crop. This results in a smoother, more consistent crop flow into the combine, for increased harvesting productivity and minimized losses.
The auger pitch on 600 Series Platforms is 26 in. The auger pitch is the distance between the flighting and relates to the flow of crop across the auger. This 26-in. pitch moves crop faster into the combine feederhouse, allowing for greater platform capacity.
With the combination of 26 in. of pitch and a 26-in. diameter auger, the auger is square. The square geometry provides optimum capacity and material handling to match the increased capacity of today's combines.
NOTE: For abrasive crop conditions such as rice, the platform cross auger is available with hard-faced flighting and steel auger fingers for increased wear life. (600 Series Rigid Platforms only).
The standard auger speed is 152 rpm. A slower auger speed of 135 rpm may be required for sensitive crops like edible beans. A speed of 170 rpm may be required for extremely high feed rates to improve auger capacity. Speeds can be easily changed by changing sprockets.
Auger flight extensions provide the optimum transition from the cross auger to the feederhouse drum. Different extensions are available depending on the combine and/or specific conditions.
  • HydraFlex™—one set of regular flight extensions
  • HydraFlex in extreme viney, weedy conditions—one set of extended-pitch, full-height speed flight
  • Rigid—two sets of regular flight extensions
  • 9560 STS™ model—only one set of full-height extensions plus one set of regular extensions
All of the auger fingers are replaceable simply by pulling a clip and removing the finger, thus minimizing downtime.
Base Equipment On : 600R and F Series Platforms
Optional Equipment On : 600R Series Platforms
Last Updated : 18-Sep-2010