John Deere engine speed management
Engine speed management is standard software for combines with a Final Tier 4 (FT4) engine that are equipped with a ProDrive™ transmission. This feature reduces the combine engine rpm during road transport while still maintaining a productive ground speed; this results in increased fuel efficiency by up to 7.5 L (2 gal.) per hour.
Feature benefits:
  • John Deere engine speed management while in road mode could equate up to a 20 percent savings in total fluid economy during road transport
  • The engine speed management system reduces the engine rpm, resulting in decreased noise
Road mode engage

Road mode engage

Once the operator engages the road mode function on the armrest, engine speed management is active during transport. For best results, it is recommended to select high idle after selecting road mode. With road mode active and the multi function control lever in neutral, engine speed will be commanded at 1200 rpm. Once the multifunction control lever is moved out of the neutral position, the engine speed will rise to 1600 rpm and be maintained during transport. With increased engine loads such as inclines, the engine speed will fluctuate between 1600 rpm and high idle for maximum fuel efficiency of up to 20 percent.
Last Updated : 27-Sep-2018