Harvest setup
Harvest setup run page

Harvest setup run page

Selecting harvest settings on the harvest setup run page takes the operator to a page where machine settings for crops and field conditions can be loaded and saved. Machine settings can be loaded and saved for crops and field conditions.
Selecting current settings takes the operator to a page where they can set the loss monitor performance target and the main combine settings. The outside configuration button takes the operator to the recommended settings that can be made prior to harvesting the selected crop type. The header area takes the operator to the header settings or the header detail pages. The header speeds, sensitivities, cutterbar tilt position, width, minimum reel speed, record height, and auto control configurations are all accessible from the header section. The auto header control section connects to the control preview, header automation, and resume preferences choices. The ICA2 section gives operators access to the full suite of technologies for combine optimization and automation from the Combine Advisor package. The residue management section takes the operator to all the residue management settings for width, mode, separator vane position, residue mode, and speed. The harvest setup run page is truly the one-stop shop for manual and automatic adjustments and settings for harvesting equipment making it easier than ever before to optimize and adjust combine settings.
Last Updated : 27-Sep-2018