Combine camera observation system
Observation camera in grain tank

Observation camera in grain tank

Camera on rear panel and unloading auger

Camera on rear panel and unloading auger

BH84475 camera observation system includes the following:
  • Two waterproof color cameras
  • Durable die-cast aluminum housing
  • Low-light visibility capability
  • Solid-state image sensor and high-resolution imagery
  • 110-degree horizontal, 90-degree vertical viewing area
  • Solid mounting brackets
  • Switchable for normal or mirror-image viewing
  • Harnessing provided for three cameras
Observation monitor in cab

Observation monitor in cab

Field-installation information

Combine observation system

Note: Provides on-the-go video monitoring of any of two key combine functional areas while harvesting. The system is a kit that consists of two cameras and a flat-screen monitor, as well as all electrical harnessing, camera brackets, and specific instructions for mounting the system to the combine for a complete custom fit. The system has the capability to add an additional camera.


For use on all 50, 60, and 70 Series Combines.

Last Updated : 01-Feb-2016