Discontinued - Hitch kit
Rear hitch

Rear hitch

The rear hitch acts as a mounting point for rear and tow-behind attachments. The hitch bolts to the bumper for solid support. 
  • ZTrak™ Z500 and Z700 Mowers must have a rear bumper installed.
  • The cast rear bumper that is standard on the Z900 PRO ZTrak Mowers must be replaced by the steel rear bumper.
  • Z500, Z700, Z800 and Z900 models all have a 400-lb (181-kg) towing capacity. 

NOTE: The hitch is not compatible with the 717A, 727A, 737, 757, 777, 797, and 997 ZTrak Mowers.


Rear hitch kit is compatible with the Z510A, Z520A, Z710A, Z720A, Z810A, Z820A, Z830A, Z840A, Z850A, Z860A, Z910A, Z920A, Z925A, Z930A, Z950A, Z960A, and Z970A ZTrak Mowers

Note: No longer available.
  1. Z500, Z700, and Z900 ZTrak Mowers  must have steel rear bumper installed.
    • TCA17208 bumper (Parts)—also need two 19M7817
  2. Hitch is not compatible with the 717A, 727A, 737, 757, 777, 797, and 997 ZTrak Mowers. 
Last Updated : 01-Dec-2015