John Deere PowerTech™ diesel engine
350-hp 8.1 L PowerTech diesel engine

350-hp 8.1 L PowerTech diesel engine

The 9996 is powered by a transverse-mounted 8.1 L (497 cu in.) turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled John Deere PowerTech engine. This 350-hp engine features an electronic governor delivering constant power, improved performance, and increased productivity when operating in wet or hilly conditions. 
The engine's excellent fuel economy, combined with a large 200 U.S. gal. fuel tank, ensures more time is spent picking and less time is wasted refueling.
The engine features are as follows:
  • Three-speed electronic engine throttle control
  • Electronically controlled governor
  • Timed 9.5 percent power boost when compactor augers are running
  • Electronic intake-air temperature sensor
  • 200-amp alternator
  • Vertical oil filter for easy service
  • Cold-weather starting aid
  • Wet-type sleeves for even heat dissipation
  • Positive, full-pressure lubrication system that supplies parts with cooled and filtered oil for longer life
  • Gear-driven water pump, so there is not a belt to maintain
  • Electric control for shutting off fuel
  • Self-adjusting accessory drive belt
Last Updated : 20-Oct-2009