Dura-Drum™ cutterhead
40-knife cutterhead

40-knife cutterhead

The 40-knife cutterhead delivers a 0.24-in. to 1-in. (6-mm to 26-mm) length of cut without removing knives.
The 48-knife drum delivers a 0.20-in. to 0.87-in. (5-mm to 22-mm) length of cut without removing knives.
The 48-knife cutterhead should be selected if the operator never plans to chop longer than 0.87 in. (22 mm). The 48-knife cutterhead should be selected as it allows higher forage harvester capacity at the same lengths of cut as compared to the 40-knife cutterhead.
If the length of cut is set to 0.75 in. (19 mm) on either a 40-knife cutterhead machine or a 48-knife cutterhead machine, the 48-knife cutterhead machine must spin the feedrolls faster to achieve the length of cut. A higher feedroll speed results in higher forage harvester capacity.
The enclosed drum helps to eliminate crop carryover for efficient delivery with reduced power requirements.
The knives are mounted in straight knife holders to deliver a vertical cut, straight through the mat, which results in a uniform crop flow across the full width of the cutterhead band, kernel processor, and blower housing.
  • Improves efficiency and wear life compared to competitors using the full-width, curved knives and holders
48-knife cutterhead

48-knife cutterhead

The 40-knife drum is in base equipment. It has the same features as the 48-knife cutterhead, with a slightly longer length of cut.
All machines come equipped with the cutterhead safety alarm. This audible alarm warns the operator and bystanders that the functional components of the machine are still turning and the operator is out of the seat. The alarm stops when the cutterhead rotation has stopped.
The Dura-Drum cutterhead is available with either wide-tapered corn knives (A), angled corn knives (B), or grass knives (C).
Cutterhead knives

Cutterhead knives

Wide-tapered corn knives (A) overlap to eliminate any uncut fine material.
Angled corn knives (B) require less power than straight corn knives. For corn harvest only.
Grass knives (C) are straight knives more resistant to damage by small stones when operating with a windrow pickup harvesting unit. Grass knives are:
  • Recommended when the majority of harvest work is done with a windrow pickup
  • Less efficient when harvesting corn, when compared to corn knives
  • More resilient to stones with the grass shearbar than a corn shearbar, but tends to be less sharp
  • Longer-cutterhead grass knives standard
NOTE: With an increase of 10 mm (0.39 in.), the longer grass knife allows more clamp-down area and increased knock-back capabilities. These knives are available factory installed or can be ordered through Parts. The updated grass knives retrofit all 6000 and 7000 Series machines, but must be replaced as a complete set when older knives are currently installed. It is important to only replace these longer knives with the same part to ensure proper cutterhead balance.
Last Updated : 30-Jul-2009