Automatic greasing system for SPFH
Auto-lubrication system

Auto-lubrication system

An automatic greasing system is available for the 7000 and 7050 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters (SPFH).
This system is a John Deere product and is installed while the machine is still at the factory. It is also available as a field-installed allied equipment product.
Major benefits
  • Time savings
    • The amount of time needed for daily lubrication on an SPFH is reduced to make operators more productive during the day.
  • Increased reliability
    • The system applies small amounts of grease every hour while the machine is running. This greatly reduces the chance of a bearing running dry, therefore increasing its potential life.
  • Better lubrication
    • The system lubricates the machine while it is running. This distributes the grease around the circumference of the bearing during the lubrication cycle, ensuring a complete coverage of the lubricant
  • Never forgets to grease
    • The system never forgets to grease the lubrication points at regular intervals. If the operator forgets to grease a grease fitting on one maintenance schedule, they are likely to forget it during the next schedule, too. The auto-greasing system never forgets.
  • Error indication
    • Should a grease line become blocked, the over-pressure valve allows grease to escape at the pump, giving the operator a visual indication a grease point is blocked. This indicator is in the operator's direct line of sight when entering or leaving the cab.
  • Blocked line tracing
    • Tracing the line to a blocked grease point is easy. The line will be under pressure and much stiffer than the others in the system.
How it works
An electric pump pumps grease to a distribution system at regular intervals. This distribution unit is then set to deliver different volumes of grease to each lubrication point, depending on the required lubrication interval.
The pump unit
  • A circular grease reservoir has a capacity of 4 kg (8.8 lb) with a see-through wall that allows a visual check of the grease level. A rotating arm inside the reservoir forces grease into the pump chamber through a perforated plate to eliminate air bubbles. A rubber wiper blade on the charging arm ensures the operator can always visually check the grease level.
  • A 0.12-cm3 fixed displacement pump rotates at 15 rpm and is capable of generating up to 300 bar (4400 psi) of pumping pressure.
  • The unit is powered from a 12-V electrical supply, energized by the engagement of the cutterhead.
  • A control unit switches the pump on and off according to a pre-programmed cycle time of 16 minutes of pumping and 30 minutes of non-pumping (the rest phase). If a greasing cycle is interrupted by turning the cutterhead off, the greasing cycle will be completed when the cutterhead is switched on the next time.
  • The operator may initiate a lubrication cycle immediately by pressing a button on the pump housing.
  • A manual lubrication switch is located on the armrest controls. When this switch is engaged in the manual function, the automatic lube cycle will begin immediately. After the system finishes the normal cycle time, it will begin cycling grease again automatically. In addition, the feature allows an operator to grease the machine at the end of the day without the cutterhead running. The operator simply turns the machine key on while the machine is not running, engages the cutterhead switch, and turns on the manual lubrication switch. The lubrication cycles while the operator finishes the daily maintenance on the machine. Also, all units are factory set to have a 24-minute greasing duration every 30 minutes.
  • The system can be filled via a standard grease fitting, allowing the unit to be filled with a standard grease gun, or via a quick-release coupling, allowing air-operated lubricators to be used for faster filling, or with a quick-fill option that allows a single tube of grease to be installed in seconds. John Deere heavy-duty lithium grease is recommended.
The distributors
  • The grease is delivered to a bank of primary distributors. Each distributor in the primary distributor block in turn delivers to a bank of secondary distributors that meter the grease to the grease points.
  • The distributors are supplied with grease progressively, meaning each grease point is lubricated in turn once during each cycle.
The amount of grease delivered is determined by the diameter of the piston in each distributor. In turn, the size of the distributor for each grease point is determined by the lube interval required (for manual lubrication) and the volume of grease needed (for manual greasing).
Three different volumes are used:
  1. 0.025-cm3 per greasing cycle.
  2. 0.045-cm3 per greasing cycle.
  3. 0.075-cm3 per greasing cycle.
The kernel processor (KP) can have its own bank of distributor blocks, and this must be disconnected when the KP is not in use. The grease supply line is fitted with a Quik-Coupler, which must be disconnected and reconnected to the short-circuit coupler provided. If this is not done, the unit will show a blocked line fault.
Ordering information

For more information on field-installed options, contact:
Beka Max of America Inc.
Beka Lube Products Inc.
Phone: (888) 862-7461
Beka-Max is a U.S.-registered trademark of Baier & Köppel GmbH & Company.

Base machine auto-lube


  1. Lubes the base machine and non-powered or powered rear axle
  2. Not compatible with code 3730 base machine and kernel processor auto-lube system
  3. Requires bundle BZ13798 kernel processor auto-lube upgrade parts, if code 9011 field-installed kernel processor is ordered
  4. Base equipment for 7950 Self-Propelled Forage Harvester

Base machine auto-lube with kernel processor


  1. Requires code 5633, 5634, 5643, or 5644 factory-installed kernel processor
  2. Lubes the base machine, factory-installed kernel processor, and non-powered or powered rear axle
  3. Not compatible with code 3710 base machine auto-lube system
  4. Not compatible with code 9011 field installation kernel processor, bundle BZ13798 kernel processor auto-lube upgrade parts must be ordered
  5. Base equipment for 7950 Self-Propelled Forage Harvester
Last Updated : 15-Jul-2019