48-, 54-, 62-in. shaft-driven Edge™ Xtra Deck mowers
Three Edge Xtra mower decks are available.
  • 48-in. Edge Xtra
  • 54-in. Edge Xtra
  • 62-in. Edge Xtra
The 48-in. mower will not fit the X720 Tractor with the Special-Edition option because it will interfere with the tractor's front fenders.
These mowers are designed to provide excellent performance and are easily converted to each of the primary mowing modes:
  • Side-discharge
  • Mulching
  • Material collection
Edge Xtra mower decks

Edge Xtra mower decks

The 48-, 54-, and 62-in. Edge Xtra mowers use the latest in 3-spindle mowing technology to raise performance to a higher level.
The Edge Xtra Cutting System identifies mower decks with resilient 4-point mounting systems, wider gauge wheels, and 1/4-in. cut height increments.
Underside of mower is free of obstructions

Underside of mower is free of obstructions

The mower decks are designed to minimize obstructions under the deck to permit free flow of grass clippings.
  • Mower blade overlap is greater, so striping between blades is less likely; the blade overlap of the 48 in. mower is 40 mm compared to 25 mm for the previous 48-in. mower
  • There is more distance between the front wall of the mower deck and the blades, which allows the grass more time to stand up for a clean cut after passing under the front edge of the mower; the increased distance also reduces the amount of blowout of dry grass and leaves from the front edge of the deck
  • The rear surface of the deck above the blades is deeper to give more room above the blades; this allows the mower to handle more material without affecting the cut quality
Mower deck durability
Thick steel deck construction

Thick steel deck construction

Mowers are formed from thick steel material to prevent damage from heavy use and ensure continued excellent performance and long life.
  • The 48-in. mower is formed from heavy 3 mm material
  • The 54-in. and 62-in. are formed from even heavier 3.4 mm material
An edge formed around the deck adds strength and stiffness. The turned-up outer edge also helps protect trees and other obstructions from damage if hit by the mower.
48-in. mower and mulching attachment shown

48-in. mower and mulching attachment shown

The mulching attachment provides excellent performance.
  • Controls clippings at all three blades effectively for improved mulching and more even distribution of mulched clippings
  • Plastic molded parts will not rust
  • The mulching attachment is held in place with wing nuts for easy installation
  • Special mulching blades are included; they can also be used for side-discharge mowing and with any of the Power Flow™ Material Collection Systems, though performance may not be as good as with the standard mower blades
  • The 54-in. and 62-in. mulch plugs are made in two pieces; for convenience most side-discharging and material collection can be done by only removing the right half of the plug
Premium mower wheels
Premium mower wheels

Premium mower wheels

Heavy-duty rotatable wheels contribute to mower performance, durability, and convenience.
  • Rubber tire material lasts a long time
  • Grease fittings provided to give long bearing life
  • ''Best of both worlds'' cutting height gauging system
    • Mowers can be suspended from tractor with mower wheels set 1/4- to 1/2-in. off the ground
    • Rear wheels can run on the ground if desired; wheel height is easily adjusted with a spring-loaded pin
    • In most conditions, the smoothest mowing job is obtained by running all of the mower wheels 1/4- to 1/2-in. off the ground
    • Anti-scalp rollers are located at the front for additional protection against scalping when mowing uneven ground
  • Mower is easy to install and remove
    • Over-center front draft arm provides fast and easy mower installation or removal without tools
    • Mower wheels turn 90 degrees to roll mower out from under the tractor
Mower drive shaft
Mower drive shaft

Mower drive shaft

X Series mowers are shaft-driven for durability and long life. Attaching the mower drive shaft has been made easier.
  • A lock-back collar stays in place until the shaft is inserted all the way
  • The male end of the shaft has the spline-align feature; the end of the splines are pointed to self-align the two ends of the shaft for easy installation
Blade spindles are equipped with grease fittings for easy lubrication of bearings.
Mower wash port
Mower wash port

Mower wash port

Mower wash port with hose connector

Mower wash port with hose connector

A wash port is provided to make cleaning the underside of the mower deck easy.
  • Hose connector included with mower deck
Deck-leveling gauge
Deck-level gauge stored in tractor toolbox

Deck-level gauge stored in tractor toolbox

A convenient deck-leveling gauge is provided.
  • Stored in the tractor's toolbox
  • Specific deck locations have been provided for placement of the deck-level gauge
    • Front - Under a flat "plateau" on the left-hand front draft bracket that is welded to the decks; there is a "3" and "arrow" stamped into these parts for the 54-in. and 62-in. decks
    • Left and Right Rear - Under the deck rim in front of the left and right rear mower wheels 
Last Updated : 28-Sep-2010