Engine is smooth-running and reliable V-twin liquid-cooled design
27-hp* engine

27-hp* engine

The V-twin, liquid-cooled John Deere iTorque™ power system with electronic fuel injection (EFI) provides exceptional performance and has the durability to handle commercial-use applications. The John Deere iTorque power system includes a combination of engine features that provide more lugging ability, even cooling, and durability.
iTorque stands for intelligent design (to get a task done efficiently) and torque (good lugging ability). It is used exclusively on gasoline-powered Select Series™ Tractors.
The 27-hp* Kawasaki® liquid-cooled V-twin engine has a large 745-cc displacement to provide plenty of power and torque for excellent performance in any operating condition.

Key engine features include:

  • Liquid cooling
    • Longer engine life
    • Quieter operation
    • Improved fuel economy
  • V-twin cylinder design
    • Smoother running
    • Easier starting
  • Overhead valve (OHV) design to provide more efficient airflow, for improved combustion 
    • More horsepower and torque per cubic inch of displacement
    • Better cooling for longer engine life
    • Reduced oil consumption
    • Improved fuel economy
  • Full-pressure lubrication with replaceable oil filter that provides plenty of clean oil for long engine life
  • Horizontal crankshaft with a drive shaft connection to the transmission for positive power transfer
  • Aluminum block and cast-iron cylinder liners
    • Efficient heat dissipation
    • Strength and durability with less weight
  • Low exhaust emissions to meet the state of California Air Resource Board (CARB) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) clean air standards
    • Liquid cooling for consistent operating temperatures
    • OHV for efficient lean burn combustion
    • Precise air-to-fuel ratio control with electronic fuel injection
    • Closed crankcase ventilation re-circulates and burns crankcase hydrocarbons
  • Oil drain valve with hose and oil filter drip tray for easy, no-mess maintenance
  • Electronic ignition for quick, sure starts
  • Rubber engine mounts
    • Vibration-free operation
    • Lower noise
  • Electric fuel pump ensures positive fuel delivery for fast starts and smooth running
  • Solenoid-shift starter ensures that starter stays engaged until key switch is released for fast cold-weather starts

Horsepower (hp)*

Maximum torque




36.5 lb-ft


45.5 cu in. (745 cc)

Air-intake system
Engine intake air is drawn in through screened panels at the base of the pedestal and on the right and left sides of the tractor:
  • Remote intake location is the cleanest and coolest area of the tractor.
  • Screened side panel precleaner design keeps large chaff and debris from entering the radiator or air cleaner.
An inertia-discharge canister with dry-type paper element surrounded by a foam precleaner cleans intake air for long engine life:
  • Ejects large dirt particles before they make contact with the filter
  • Provides dual protection against dirt entering the engine
  • Easily removed for cleaning or replacement
  • Recommend the air filter be replaced and the precleaner cleaned annually or every 200 hours, whichever comes first
Electronic fuel injection
Electronic fuel injection (EFI) offers many important performance advantages:
  • Immediate starting in hot or cold ambient temperatures or after long periods of seasonal storage
  • No choke linkage for the user to operate
  • No engine warmup required, so the implement can be engaged immediately after the engine starts
  • Greater horsepower and torque responsiveness
  • Higher reliability with the elimination of vapor locking, misfiring, run-on, and after-bang
  • Automatic altitude compensation
  • Delivers fuel precisely
    • Reduces the potential for plug fouling
*The engine horsepower is provided by the engine manufacturer for comparison purposes. The actual operating horsepower will be less.
Kawasaki is a U.S.-registered trademark of Kawasaki Motor Corporation.
Last Updated : 25-May-2010