Reverse Implement Option (RIO) allows operator to mow while backing up if deemed necessary
RIO switch

RIO switch

Mowing while backing up is strongly discouraged.
An operator who deems it necessary and chooses to keep the mower (or other implement) engaged while backing up should first bring the tractor to a stop and look behind the tractor to be sure there are no bystanders. Then actuate (push in) the RIO button. The RIO button must be held down in the reverse implement position as the shift lever is moved into reverse (reverse foot pedal is depressed on automatic drive models).
The operator may then release the button and the mower will continue to operate while they are backing up and also when they resume forward operation. The next time the operator chooses to keep the mower engaged while backing up, they must repeat this procedure. If the mower (PTO) is engaged and the operator shifts into reverse or depresses the reverse pedal prior to pressing the RIO button, ignition to the engine will be shut off. The engine will stop unless the operator either pushes on the RIO switch or shifts out of reverse.
If the engine does stop, the operator must return the mower engagement (PTO) switch or lever to the ''off'' position, depress the brake pedal, and then turn the ignition switch to restart the engine.
Last Updated : 04-May-2010