46-in. (117-cm) Front Blade - 2015
46-in. (117-cm) Front Blade

46-in. (117-cm) Front Blade

46-in. (117-cm) Front Blade used on loose material

46-in. (117-cm) Front Blade used on loose material

The front blade is excellent for pushing light snow or other loose material.
Full working range
Full working range

Full working range

The 46-in. (117-cm) Front Blade can be operated up to 6.5 in. (16.5 cm) above ground level.

Floating action is designed into the lift linkage, so the blade is free to follow the contour of the ground.

The lift-linkage design makes raising the blade easy.
Controlled from tractor seat
Operator blade control

Operator blade control

For operator convenience, the blade comes with angling and lift components as standard equipment so it can be controlled from the tractor seat.

Front blade lift and angling components are included as standard equipment:
  • Blade can be angled left, right, or used in the straight-ahead position.
  • For 100 Series Tractors, L100 Series Lawn Tractors, G110 Garden Tractors, and S240 Tractor, lift components are provided with the blade so it can be raised and lowered from the tractor seat.
  • For G100 Garden Tractors, the blade is raised and lowered with the tractor's standard lift lever.
Overall width  46 in. (117 cm)
Overall height  14 in. (36 cm)
Clearing width  46 in. (117 cm)
Angling positions  Three
Lift height  6.5 in. (17 cm)
Net weight  73 lb (33.1 kg)
Tractor compatibility and requirements
This 46-in. (117-cm) Front Blade (BG20020) is compatible with:
  • 102, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155C, and 190C Tractors
  • L100, L108, L110, L111, L118, L120, and L130 Lawn Tractors, and G110 Garden Tractor
  • LA100, LA110, LA120, LA130, LA140, and LA150 Tractors
  • LA105, LA115, LA125, LA135 Limited Edition, LA135 Special Edition, LA145, LA155, LA165, and LA175 Tractors
  • Model year 2015 and older (SN -700,000) D100, D105, D110, D120, D125, D130, D140, D150, D155, D160, and D170 Tractors
  • 2015 and older (SN -700,000) S240 Tractor
For model year 2016, the 46-in. (117-cm) Front Blade (BG20943) has a change to the mounting frame to make it compatible with model year 2016 D100 Series and S240 Tractors (SN 700,001-):
  • The model year 2016 46-in. (117-cm) Front Blade is also backward compatible with model year 2015 and older D100 Series Tractors (SN -700,000) and the S240 Tractor (SN -700,000).
  • The model year 2015 46-in. (117-cm) Front Blade (BG20020) is not compatible with model year 2016 tractors (SN 700,001-).
    • A model year 2016 tractor steering change from a dual drag link system to a single drag link and tie rod design causes interference with model year 2015 and older front blades.

D100 Series and S240 Tractors

Model year Description Order code/attachment number 2015 and prior 2016
2015 46-in. (117-cm) Front Blade BG20020 X  
2016 46-in. (117-cm) Front Blade BG20943 X X
Tractor requirements and recommendations:
  • Rear weights and tire chains are required for additional traction.

46-in. (117-cm) Front Blade

NOTE: Requires rear ballast and tire chains.

Note: For model year 2015 and older tractors (SN -700,000).

Last Updated : 03-Aug-2020