Efficiently collect material with 7-bu (247-L) two-bag hopper assembly (X300/X500 M-T)
7-bu (247-L) hopper (cut-and-throw)

7-bu (247-L) hopper (cut-and-throw)

7-bu (247-L) hopper (Power Flow™ system)

7-bu (247-L) hopper (Power Flow™ system)

The 7-bu (247-L) hopper provides an efficient means of collecting grass clippings and leaves using either the cut-and-throw rear bagger or the Power Flow material collection system (MCS):
  • 38-in. (97-cm) and 42-in. (107-cm) mower decks use the cut-and-throw system.
  • 48-in. (122-cm) and 54-in. (137-cm) mower decks use the Power Flow system.
The hopper design provides modern styling, great bagging performance, cleaner operation, and easy-to-empty bags.
  • 7-bu (247-L) capacity
  • Easy-to-attach lower chute (ordered separately)
  • Handle on chute
  • Air exhaust duct
  • Convenient spring-latch
  • Airflow fill indicator
  • Quik-Tatch mounting
  • Sealed hopper top
  • Loose-knit bags available

7-bu (247-L) two-bag hopper assembly (X300/X500 M-T)

NOTE: Requires rear bagger chute, or Power Flow blower and Power Flow chute. Front ballast is recommended, especially on hills or inclines.
NOTE: Upon depletion, this item will be replaced by BUC11233 7-bu (247-L) two-bag hopper assembly. Model year 2021 and newer X354, X370, X380, X384, X390, and X394 Tractors (serial number 110,001-) with 18-in. (46-cm) cut-and-sewn seat must use BUC11233.
Last Updated : 29-Sep-2020