6.5-bu hopper and chute for 100 Series with 42-in. Mower
6.5-bu hopper and chute

6.5-bu hopper and chute

The hopper design provides efficient bagging performance, clean operation, and easy-to-empty bags:
  • Two durable bags with a generous, 6-1/2-bu (229-L) capacity lift out for emptying and are easy to reinstall.
  • Efficient lower chute provides smooth flow of material to reduce chance of plugging.
  • Standard mower blades can be used for bagging, high-lift blades are available for very difficult bagging conditions.
  • Air-exhaust duct directs air from the hopper back and toward the ground for clean operation.
  • Convenient bungee-cord fastener makes opening and closing the hopper easy.
  • It is easy to install and remove the hopper, and no tools are required after the initial installation.
  • Pins and spring clips hold the hopper and chute in place; there is nothing left to interfere with other attachments when removed.
  • Loose-knit bags allow more air to flow through to provide complete bag filling in wet and heavy grass conditions.
 BM218886.5-bu hopper and chute for 100 Series Tractors
Note: Fits 42-in. Mowers.

6.5-bu hopper and chute for 100 Series Tractors

Note: For Canada. Fits 42-in. Mowers.
Last Updated : 17-May-2011