Category 1 3-point hitch
Category 1 3-point hitch

Category 1 3-point hitch

The 3-point hitch provides a convenient means of attaching rear-mounted equipment to the tractor. This hitch can be used on X700 Series Tractors and also on X400/X500 Heavy-Duty Garden Tractors:
  • Hitch is raised and lowered with tractor hydraulic control lever.
  • Right screw-type draft arm height adjuster makes it easy to level or tilt three-point-hitch-mounted equipment.
  • Hitch is equipped with depth stop that works independently of tractor's mower cut height adjustment for added convenience and versatility.
  • The depth stop must be locked up when transporting attachments.
NOTE: Front weights may be needed to stabilize steering when using rear-mounted implements.
Limited Category 1 3-point hitch dimensions

Limited Category 1 3-point hitch dimensions

Hitch dimensions are shown in the illustration.

A - Ball socket inside dimension 0.87 in. (22 mm)
B - Pin hole inside dimension 0.75 in. (19 mm)
C - 26.8 in. (681 mm)
D - 15 to 18 in. (381 to 457 mm)
Lower arm lift specifications (Category 1 hitch):
  • Maximum low point above ground = 8.5 in. (216 mm)
  • Minimum high point above ground = 21.5 in. (546 mm)
  • Minimum lift range = 13 in. (330 mm)
  • Lift capacity 12 in. (305 mm) behind hitch balls = 450 lb (204 kg)
3-point hitch compatibility:
  • BM23882 category 1 3-point hitch (X400/X500 Heavy-Duty Garden Tractors, X700s) replaces BM21801 and BM22286 and is compatible in all applications in which they were used.
  • Compatible with 60-in. (152-cm) 7-IronTM Mower deck.
  • BM21801 category 1 3-point hitch can be updated to have the same components as BM22286 with a M156163 shoulder pin and 14M7296 nut to replace the pin at the rod end of the hydraulic cylinder. These components are needed to handle the extra weight of the 60 in. (152-cm) 7-Iron Mower deck.

Category 1 3-point hitch (X400/X500 Heavy-Duty Garden Tractors, X700 Series Tractors)

Last Updated : 13-Sep-2021