Rear weight bracket
Weight bracket shown with two 42-lb (19.1-kg) weights

Weight bracket shown with two 42-lb (19.1-kg) weights

Rear weight bracket is designed to hold two suitcase weights on X300 Tractors and up to four suitcase weights on X500 Multi-Terrain Tractors.
  • This item required for 4-wheel-steer tractors only; weight bracket is built into frame of 2-wheel-steer tractors.
  • It is particularly useful to counterbalance a front-mounted attachment such as a snow blower or blade.
  • Weight bracket can be quickly mounted to the rear of the tractor.
  • Weight bracket will not interfere with rear grass bagger mounting bracket.

Weight bracket, rear (X304, X324, X354, X384, X394, X534, X584)

NOTE:  Allows installation of up to two UC13263 Quik-Tatch weights on X304, X324, X354, X384, and X394 4-wheel steer tractors. Allows installation of up to four UC13263 Quik-Tatch weights on X534 and X584 4-wheel steer tractors. Weight bracket is not needed for 2-wheel-steer tractors or if tractor is equipped with either BM23054 sun shade or BM23055 weather enclosure.
Last Updated : 26-Sep-2018