15-gal. (57-L) Tow-Behind Sprayer
15-gal. (57-L) Tow-Behind Sprayer

15-gal. (57-L) Tow-Behind Sprayer

Sprayer comes complete with a boom that sprays 60 in. (152.4 cm) wide. It also has a 12-ft (3.7-m) hose with an adjustable handgun for spot spraying lawns, shrubs, etc.

Features include:
  • This sprayer is an excellent choice for spraying small- to moderate-size lawns and shrubs.
  • Handgun with adjustable spray pattern is helpful when spraying fruit trees and can be used to spray trees up to 30-ft (9.1-m) high.
  • A 14-in. (35.6-cm) wand on the handgun is standard equipment to give added convenience when spraying trees.
NOTE: Sprayers are compatible with competitive tractors (if equipped with a 12-V battery and charging system).

This sprayer is especially suited for maintaining residential and small commercial properties:
  • Sprayers provide an excellent way to apply liquid fertilizer.
  • Herbicides and pesticides can be applied along with liquid fertilizer or separately.
Advantages of using liquid fertilizer over dry fertilizer:
  • Fertilizer is more readily available to plants.
  • The fertilizer need not be worked into the soil by watering or rain before it will work.
  • Herbicides are more effective when applied with liquid fertilizer.
NOTE: Use these sprayers with liquid-base lawn care chemicals only. They are not recommended for wettable powders as no agitating system is provided to prevent particles from separating out.
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15-gal. (57-L) Tow-Behind Sprayer

Last Updated : 27-Nov-2017