44-in. Snow Blower
44-in. Snow Blower on X324 Tractor

44-in. Snow Blower on X324 Tractor

44-in. Snow Blower

44-in. Snow Blower

The 44-in. Snow Blower has the capacity to handle big snow removal jobs.
  • This snow blower works well in all snow conditions and is suited for snow removal around recreational parks, industrial parks, and other applications where snow must be moved greater distances.
  • Two-stage design is ideal for home and estate owners in heavy snow regions.
  • Two-stage snow blower is more effective than a single-stage snow throwers when operating in wet, heavy snow and deep snow conditions. The the low-speed auger sizes crusted material as it moves snow toward the second-stage blower.
  • Chute provides consistent snow placement in variable snow conditions because the high-speed blower gives the discharged snow consistent velocity, even in very light clean-up volumes.
  • The optional brush guard or bumper can remain on the tractor when using the snow blower.
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Compatible with:
Select Series™ X300R, X300, X304, X320, X324, X340, X360, X500, and X520 Tractors

44-in. Snow Blower (X300s, X500, X520)

Note: French-Canadian order 9220 code. Rear weights and tire chains are recommended for additional traction. Winter grille cover recommended on air-cooled engines to prevent carburetor icing. X320, X324, X340, X500, or X520 Tractors shipped with 48X or 54X decks and built prior to September 2006 (see the sales manual for serial number splits) need to also order AM136645 lift-assist spring kit to replace M151924.


Note: X300R: Collection hopper or a BM22196 rear deflector kit is required. For snow blowers built prior to April 2008 (serial number -030001), see DTAC solution 79224 for adaptation instructions.

Last Updated : 16-May-2011