Tractor backhoe hookup
Unique 4-point quick-attach system

Unique 4-point quick-attach system

The exclusive rockshaft-assist mounting system (Patent Pending) makes hooking up the backhoe simple and quick.
  • Unique 4-point quick-attach system allows operator to install the backhoe to the tractor from the seat.
  • The RSA design positions the backhoe closer to the tractor.
  • RSA mount plates stay on the tractor and are compatible with mid-mount tractor attachments.
To attach:
  • Back tractor up to the backhoe.
  • Raise rockshaft arms.
  • Pins in rockshaft arm engage hooks on backhoe.
  • Raise rockshaft arms to full up position.
  • Install pins.
  • Connect backhoe hydraulics to power beyond.
  • Backhoe is ready to use.
485/448 Backhoe with a 4X20 Tractor Click to play video
To detach:
  • Disconnect hydraulic hoses from the backhoe. Reconnect tractor hydraulics.
  • Raise rockshaft to full up position.
  • Remove pins. Can be attached or detached without the use of tools.
  • Lower backhoe to the ground and drive away.
  • Tractor is now ready for other work.
485/448 Backhoe with a 4X20 Tractor Click to play video
Last Updated : 14-May-2010