Mid-mower lift systems - 2520, 2720, and 4115 Tractors
2520 and 2720 Tractors have two options for raising and lowering the mid-mount mower decks:
  • Mechanical lift - Linkage from the mower deck goes connects to the 3-point hitch and the mower deck is raised and lowered by the 3-point  hitch of the tractor. In order to lock the deck in the up position, an optional deck lockup kit is available if desired.
  • Independent lift - A hydraulic cylinder is used to raise and lower the mower deck independently from the 3-point hitch of the tractor. This hydraulic cylinder is powered off the tractor hydraulic system and plugs into the dual selective control valve (loader joystick).
NOTE:  4115 Tractors using a 62D OnRampTM Mower are only able to use mechanical lift.
The independent lift kit increases versatility by allowing rear implements to remain on the tractor and be raised and lowered independently of the mid-mount mower.
  • Independent lift kits available for the 54D and 62D Mower Decks can be used on the 2320, 2520, and 2720 Tractors only (2320, 2520, and 2720 Tractors have VERY different lift kits, and they are not interchangeable. The 4115 Tractor does not support independent lift)
  • Raising and lowering the deck is easily done by using the loader joystick (if a loader is left on while mowing, it is recommended you unhook the curl/dump circuit to control the mid-mount mower deck)
  • To keep all hoses hooked up with the loader and independent lift, order and field install the mechanical diverter kit for this tractor.
  • Neither lift system on these tractors is compatible with the subframe for the 46 Backhoe which means the lift kit will need to be removed if you plan to use a 46 Backhoe. For more details, please click here.
Use the chart below to identify which kits are necessary for the different systems.
NOTE: If the tractor does not have independent lift, any rear attachments must be removed from the 3-point hitch or iMatch™ Quick Hitch in order to remove or install a 54D or 62D Mower Deck.
For more information on compatibility of independent lift and a front end loader, click here.
  Mechanical lift
  Independent lift (optional, field installed only)
(code 1001)
4115 LVB25687
(code 1001)
Independent lift kit picture - 2520 and 2720


This kit is a field installed only. Order mower deck with code 1010, less attaching parts, and then order this bundle as an attachment for field conversion.
NOTE: LVB25605 includes a height of cut adjustment knob in the kit to control cutting height as well as the ability to lock the deck in the up position for transport or to keep out of the way.  Ground clearance with deck in up position is 5-1/4 in.
Mechanical lift kit picture - 2520, 2720, and 4115
LVB25687 (code 1001)

LVB25687 (code 1001)

Mechanical lift uses the tractor's 3-point hitch to raise and lower the mid-mount mower deck. The height of cut is controlled with the tractor's rockshaft lever that controls the 3-point hitch. Mowing height repeatability is achieved by using the adjustable stop that is located on the tractor fender and corresponding number on the rockshaft control. In order to lock the deck in the up position, an optional deck lockup kit is available if desired.
Last Updated : 11-Oct-2010