Mid-mower deck lock-up kit
2520, 2720, 4110, 4115, and 4100 Tractors
Mid-mower deck lock-up kit - LVB24962

Mid-mower deck lock-up kit - LVB24962

This optional mower deck lock-up kit is to be used on tractors equipped with mechanical lift for raising and lowering the mower deck. It locks the mower deck in the highest position, which will free the 3-point hitch to travel up and down independently of the mower deck.

When locked in the highest position, mower deck will have
13.3-cm (5-1/4-in.) of ground clearance.

NOTE: If tractor is equipped with independent lift, a deck lock-up is built into this kit and this kit is not necessary. 

Mid-mower deck lock-up kit (2520, 2720, 4110, 4115, and 4100 Tractors)

Last Updated : 30-Jul-2014