CCS Refuge Plus
Provide added versatility and productivity with Refuge Plus

CCS Refuge Plus option shown on 1770NT

All Central Commodity System (CCS) planters, 1770NT, 1790, and Deere/Bauer, can be equipped with the Refuge Plus option, excluding the 1790 30-ft. non-fertilizer frame machine.  The third tank provides increased versatility and productivity to the planting operation by allowing the grower to plant two different varieties simultaneously.  The Refuge Plus tank has manifold nozzles, or outlets, to supply seed to eight different row units. 
Potential markets
The target market for Refuge Plus is the corn grower planting Bt corn or seed corn.  Refuge Plus is the solution for refuge management compliance issues associated with Bt corn production.  The 25 bushel capacity of the third tank makes planting the required 20% refuge of non-Bt corn easier while maintaining high productivity levels of the central-fill Central Commodity System.  For example, the Bt corn planted on 80% of the field goes into the larger CCS tanks.  The required 20% refuge, non-Bt corn, goes into the third Refuge Plus tank with the seed hoses routed to the desired rows.
Central fill with the Central Commodity System is now easier for the seed-corn grower as well. The seed-corn grower can plant both male and female seed in the desired pattern simply by placing the male seed in the Refuge Plus tank, the female seed in the CCS tanks, and routing the seed delivery hoses to the desired row units.
Redirecting seed delivery

Seed delivery hose connection and yellow plug

Redirecting seed delivery from the CCS tanks to the Refuge Plus tank is a snap with quick- disconnect couplers.  By simply disconnecting the desired CCS delivery hoses from beneath the CCS tank, capping those hoses, and reconnecting the delivery lines to the Refuge Plus tank changes the seed delivery source.  
Due to the additional weight Refuge Plus places on the planter frame, liquid fertilizer tanks are not compatible and new liquid insecticide tank codes have been established for Refuge Plus planters.
Last Updated : 03-Apr-2006