Finger pickup plateless seed meter

Finger pickup meter

Almost 35 years ago, John Deere introduced the finger pickup seed meter that revolutionized corn planting.  Today, finger pickup continues to be a reliable metering system for corn by providing consistent seed spacing and population control.  Recent changes to the finger, including shortening and adjusting the angle of the flag on the finger, have further increased the accuracy of our finger pickup seed meter.
The finger pickup meter provides consistent seed spacing and population control when planting corn.  It also has good performance in metering confectionery (large) sunflower seeds.  The meter handles all normal sizes of U.S. seed corn (except popcorn) and larger sizes of No. 2 sunflower seed. For smaller sizes of No. 2 and all No. 3 and No. 4 sunflower seeds, order sunflower finger assembly from (Parts).
Finger pickup plateless seed meters are available for all MaxEmergeXPTM  row units.  However, finger pickup seed meters are not available for Pro-SeriesXPTM row units.
Operating Characteristics of Finger Pickup Meter

Seed size and shape versus population

The chart to the left illustrates the effect seed size and shape has on population using either the corn or sunflower finger pickup meters.
Operational characteristics of the finger pickup meter are that real large seed can cause some under population. This is unusual but possible. A more common occurrence is that as the seed size gets smaller the characteristic of the finger pickup meter is to overpopulate. This is due to the finger being able to hold two of the smaller seeds.
Finger pickup planting accuracy will also be influenced by  conditions other than seed size. Rough seedbed and fast planting speeds typically deteriorate seed placement accuracy.


Operating speed versus population

The chart to the left illustrates the effect that operating speed has on population when using the finger pickup meter.
The operating band (gray area) illustrates how the finger pickup meter performs in relation to the desired population (indicated by horizontal line).
The width of the band is due to various sizes and shapes of seeds and planting rate variations.
In most cases, the planting accuracy of the finger pickup meter does not decline unless maximum recommended planting speed is exceeded.
When operating on slopes above 15 degrees, increased or decreased population may result. To minimize the effect, reduce speed and limit the distance the planter operates on the slope.
Last Updated : 31-Aug-2006