Unit-mounted coulter improves performance in reduced tillage applications
Unit-mounted coulter

Unit-mounted coulter

The unit-mounted coulter adapts the planting unit to plant in reduced tillage conditions.
The coulter blade is positioned directly ahead of the Tru-Vee™opener to ensure accurate tillage in seed zone. The blade pre-tills the trench, allowing the openers to more easily provide a well-defined seed furrow. This pre-tillage also provides a small amount of tilled soil along the trench, enabling easier closing of the seed furrow.
The unit-mounted coulter is compatible with combination row cleaners.
Four different blades are available on the unit-mounted coulter:
  • 25 wave (0.63 in.): Creates extremely fine tilth area in an area about 7/8-in. wide. Works well on wet, spongy soil that can be tight and difficult for proper furrow closing.
  • 13 wave (0.7 in.):  Tills an area about 1-in. wide at speeds under 6 mph.  Gives more aggressive soil disruption at slower speeds.  It fractures the soil more aggressively than the 25-wave blade, opening a wider slot of fine tilth.
  • Bubble:  Has a flat edge for improved penetration, but tills more aggressively as bubbles enter the seedbed zone.  Opens a 1-in. wide slot.  Penetrates soil and cuts through residue well.
Last Updated : 30-May-2009