Drawbar hitch
Drawbar hitch

Drawbar hitch

A factory-installed, optional drawbar hitch is available for use with 1770NT 16- and 24-Row, 1770NT CCS™ 16- and 24-Row, and 40-ft 1790 Planters.
The planter drawbar hitch provides easy operation with plenty of ground clearance. The hitch design utilizes a hydraulic cylinder to raise the planter hitch for transport.  Hydraulic oil for the hitch cylinder comes from the row marker system.  Activation of this cylinder is accomplished using a single switch box and the marker selective control valve (SCV). 
Due to the hydraulic system design, the drawbar hitch requires the planter be equipped with independent markers (not tied to planter lift circuit). Removal of markers from all planters, except the 1770NT 24Row30, makes the drawbar hitch inoperable.  The 1770NT 24Row30 is the only planter where the drawbar hitch, less markers, is a valid combination.
For 15-in. planting on the 16/32-Row 1790 Planter, the drawbar needs to be offset 7.5 in. on the tractor drawbar to center the planting rows behind the tractor.  When the 16/32 1790 has a drawbar hitch, operators may not be able to offset the hitch to the exact specifications of 7.5 in. when planting in 15-in. operation, and could be off as much as a 1/2 in.  To compensate, additional adjustments to the marker will be necessary. 
When using a guidance system such as parallel tracking or AutoTracTM, operators will need to use their implement offset when planting with all rows on 1790 Planters equipped with the drawbar hitch to compensate for the offset.
The drawbar hitch is ideal for those who have 9000 Series (bareback) tractors without a hitch or any tractor without a 2-point hitch.  For these, the planter drawbar hitch is the economical choice instead of adding a 2-point hitch.
To accept the planter drawbar hitch, the tractor drawbar must be ordered with, or upgraded to, a Category 4 drawbar with the heavy-duty package or Category 5 to be compatible.  Track tractors with wide-swinging drawbars are not compatible with the planter drawbar hitch due to a lower hitch-load capacity.
Each 1790 or 1770NT Planter ordered with the drawbar hitch will be shipped with a Category 4 hitch link installed.  A Category 5 hitch link is also shipped with the planter if the planter is to be used with a Category 5 drawbar.  See pre-delivery instructions included with the planter for change over information.
  • Category 5 implement hitch links are not compatible with Category 4 tractor drawbars.
  • Category 5 tractor drawbars are not compatible with Category 4 implement hitch links.
This hitch also adds 2 ft to planter length during transport and field operation.  There are some combinations of planter options that are not compatible with the drawbar hitch option due to tractor drawbar limitations. The ordering instructions for the 1770NT and 1790 Planters have more information on what combinations are compatible with this option.
Last Updated : 04-Mar-2011