Unit-mounted row cleaner with convenient screw adjustment
Screw adjust unit-mounted row cleaner

Screw adjust unit-mounted row cleaner

Row cleaners are a valuable tool in reduced tillage planting conditions. The row cleaner helps to clear residue from the path of the opener, ensuring good row-unit operation. The row cleaner utilizes two angled wheels which engage the soil surface and residue, sweeping them aside.

Row cleaners provide many agronomic benefits, including quicker soil warmup and germination, and reduced hairpinning of residue into the seed furrow. Row cleaners can also provide a smoother ride for the gauge wheels, resulting in less row unit bounce and a more uniform seeding depth.

The screw-adjust unit-mounted row cleaner is mounted directly to the face plate of the row unit, placing the ground-engaging components just in front of the row-unit opener blades and depth gauge wheels. This close proximity allows the gauge wheels to control the depth of the row cleaner as well as the row unit.

This compact design also allows greater compatibility with fertilizer openers and other planter attachments.

SharkTooth® wheels
SharkTooth wheel

SharkTooth wheel

The unit-mounted row cleaner features the SharkTooth wheel. The beveled, sharpened edge of the teeth on the SharkTooth aggressively cut tough residue that lies in the path of the row unit. The curved tooth design sweeps a clear path for the openers and resists residue buildup. 

The wheels are arranged in a staggered fashion with one wheel leading the other, ensuring complete clearing of the row unit path. The wheels can also be run side-by-side if desired, by simply relocating the wheels to existing holes on the row cleaner bracket.

The bearing on the SharkTooth wheel is sealed and requires no regular maintenance. Bearing shields are used between the wheel and the mount bracket to prevent residue wrapping and buildup around the bearing housing.

Row cleaner adjustment knob

Row cleaner adjustment knob

The unit-mounted row cleaner offers a convenient screw adjustment feature for changing the depth setting. The acme screw is enclosed within the structure of the mounting bracket, providing protection from the elements.

The adjustment knob for the screw adjustment is accessible from the top of the parallel arms. The knob can be adjusted by hand, or by using a socket.

The adjustment is detented in 1/16-in. increments, allowing for quick, easily repeatable adjustments across all rows of the planter.

An indicator rod and scale on the front of the row cleaner bracket indicate the current setting. If a condition is encountered where use of the row cleaner is not desired, it can be set so that the wheels do not engage the soil surface.

Operational notes and compatibility

Use of row cleaners is not recommended when surface application pre-plant herbicide is used prior to planting. When using pre-plant incorporated herbicide, the row cleaner should be adjusted to minimize soil disturbance so as not to reduce the effectiveness of the incorporated herbicide.

Drive chain shields are recommended for use with row cleaner attachments.

Two different models of screw-adjust, unit-mounted row cleaners are available; the standard row cleaner for 30-in. row spacing and the narrow row cleaner for 20-in. or 22-in. row spacing.

  1. Screw adjust, unit-mounted row cleaners are fully factory installed when ordered with the planter
  2. Not compatible with use of frame mounted coulter
  3. Row spacing less than 30 in. requires the Narrow Row Cleaner option.
  4. For 1790 12/23, 12/24, 16/31, and 16/32 row machines, unit-mounted row cleaners are provided on the front rank of rows only.
  5. For DB60 47R15 machines, unit-mounted row cleaners are provided on the row units with short parallel arms only. They provide the 24 rows set on 30-in. spacing row cleaners.
SharkTooth is a U.S.-registered trademark of Yetter Manufacturing Incorporated.
Last Updated : 25-May-2011