Integrated SprayStar™ vehicle and rate control system offers ease of use


The SprayStar control system comes as base equipment and is integrated into the design of the 4940 Sprayer, and is not a third party add-on. It utilizes one display for the interface and display, the GreenStar™ 3 2630.

The chassis computer provides central control of many vehicle and solution system functions for a simple, unified approach, which provides superior rate control, response times, and ease of use.

Rate control locks on to the desired application rate much more quickly and maintains that rate better than in previous models. All programming values the operator must enter are designed to be easily understood.

A high-speed hydraulic control valve varies the pump speed to produce only the required solution flow rather than using a valve to decrease the pump's maximum output.

Since the pump rarely turns at full speed, the pump life is extended and power requirements are reduced.

A highly accurate flow meter and pressure transducer are custom designed for superior system performance. The system can control rates in the range of 56 L/min to 681 L/min (15 gpm to 180 gpm) with the high-flow system or 15 L/min to 435 L/min (4 gpm to 115 gpm) with the standard-flow system.

NOTE: To ensure uniform distribution, boom and nozzle tip calibration are crucial, especially at extremes of flow rates.

Other spray rate control system features include:

  • Programmable application rates
  • Manual mode to select and maintain a specific solution pressure
  • Remaining tank volume display
  • Area and distance counters
  • Record area, volume, and time spent spraying
Vehicle features enhanced by computer control include:
  • Drivetrain performance
  • Parking brake
  • Boom hydraulics
  • Exterior lighting
  • Boom section shutoff valves
  • Foam marker
On-board diagnostics

The SprayStar system is constantly monitoring system functions. Most warnings and error messages are displayed to the operator in plain words rather than error codes.

Easy-to-use diagnostics are integrated throughout both the vehicle and rate control portions of the user interface. Switch and sensor test diagnostics quickly and easily allow technicians to determine if electrical components are functioning correctly.

  • Caution warning messages (display at the bottom of screen to warn operators) 
  • Stop warning messages (full screen to command the operator's attention) 
  • Visual warnings are accompanied by an audible alarm
Base Equipment On : 4940
Last Updated : 23-May-2011