Dry spinner spreader available from New Leader®
4930 with New Leader dry spinner spreader

4930 with New Leader dry spinner spreader

Available with the John Deere 4900 Chassis Sprayer is the New Leader dry spinner spreader:
10-ton ag lime or up to 7-ton fertilizer
  • L3220G4 MultApplier ready (200 cu ft)
  • L3220G4 MultApplier (200 cu ft)
10-ton fertilizer—no ag lime
  • L3030G4 MultApplier ready (300 cu ft)
  • L3030G4 MultApplier (300 cu ft)
200-cu ft and 300-cu ft dry spreader
The John Deere 4900 Chassis Sprayer fitted with an L3220G4 or L3030G4 New Leader Spinner Spreader is capable of spreading 25 percent to 50 percent wider than most other leading spreaders on the market, producing more acres covered per day and industry-leading productivity. 

With up to 105-ft spread widths, the patented adjustable spinner assembly allows quick, accurate settings for variable-rate applications, broadcasting materials farther and wider with consistent spread patterns and producing industry-leading productivity.

The L3220G4 and L3030G4 Spreaders are controlled with the John Deere SpreadStar controller, allowing integrated control with the machine. GreenStar™  2 allows operators to do single or dual products, map-based prescriptions, variable rates, as-applied maps, and Swath Control Pro™.

In as little as four hours, liquid can be converted to dry application for true multi-season use.

The spinner height on the 4900 Chassis Sprayer is 68 in. versus 42 in. on a floater. This added height allows a greater trajectory at a lower spinner speed.

A rule of thumb for a 70-ft spread on a floater is 700-rpm spinner spread; on a 4900 Chassis Sprayer, the same 700 rpm can increase spread width as much as 15 ft. Added spread width increases the number of acres per day and decreases the number of passes, which also reduces fuel costs and compaction.

NOTE: Fertilizer density differs, and a pan test is the only way to measure the true spread width for that product.
Rear view of spinner spreader

Rear view of spinner spreader

By combining the John Deere 4900 Chassis Sprayer and New Leader dry spinner spreaders, operators have the ability to maintain spread widths even when rpms are reduced. John Deere's pressure- and flow-compensated hydraulics allow operators to maintain spinner speed throughout each pass.

By maintaining spread width, operators can consistently place product throughout the fields and prevent bottlenecking of product at row end.

The dual-strut design offers an outstanding ride in all conditions and increased load-carrying capacity to keep the 4900 Chassis Sprayer running smoothly all day long. Combined with the AutoTrac™ assisted steering system and Swath Control Pro module, fatigue is dramatically reduced and overlap is kept to a minimum.

By keeping a full spread pattern and reducing overlap, the John Deere 4900 Chassis Sprayer will be the operator's most valuable resource for years to come. 

  • Low-maintenance design 
  • Pressure- and flow-compensated hydraulics
  • 68-in. spinner height 
  • Dual strut and airbag suspension 
  • 304 stainless steel for corrosion resistance 
  • Inverted V reduces conveyor load 
  • 30-in. conveyor reduces material bridging
  1. Attachment-specific software bundle is required for proper operation. Order N308217 through Service Parts. Machine model number and serial number are required at the time of the order. A download of updated software through the Service ADVISORTM software delivery system is required.
  2. BN202474 (code 9160) flotation fenders are also recommended for applications using 620/70R46 flotation tires (assuming row-crop fenders (code 7310) are present). Machines without row-crop fenders will need to order front fender supports and mounting hardware through Service Parts.
409 stainless-steel green-painted nutrient application spreader
409 stainless-steel L3030G4

409 stainless-steel L3030G4

The L3220G4 and L3030G4 Spreaders can now be ordered with a 409 stainless-steel green-painted finish. The addition of this option offers a more economical choice for spreading fertilizer or lime without sacrificing reliability or aesthetics.

Both models have the option of a MultApplier insert that can be used to spread multiple products in one pass without the need to blend prior to loading the spreader. Because of the need to interchange, the MultApplier insert and the end gate both will continue to be constructed of 304 unpainted stainless steel.

New Leader is a U.S.-registered trademark of Highway Equipment Company.

Highly recommended to support the boom and solution module during storage. Must be attached when the solution module and boom are not attached to the chassis. Includes the boom spreader bars to ensure the boom stays stable during removal and storage. Does not include supports to keep the solution module off of the ground during storage.



Highly recommended to lift the solution module and boom from the chassis, but does not have to be attached during storage. Includes the front, rear, and tank skid lifting bars. If multiple dry spreaders are ordered, this bundle could be moved to each machine for each installation and removal.



John Deere Controlled Dry Box Interface and Mirror Kit

Last Updated : 20-Mar-2017