Achieve performance with a collar shift transmission
Collar shift transmission with 9 forward and 3 reverse speeds

Constant mesh transmissions with helical gears

The collar shift transmission is designed to match the excellent power and torque characteristics of the John Deere PowerTech™ engines. Constant-mesh, helical gears create a quieter working environment and provide excellent reliability.  Fully enclosed, rigid shift linkages for smooth, crisp shifts, enable all operators to clearly know what range and gear they are operating in.  Durability is enhanced with the pressure-lubricated top shaft, allowing an operator to achieve performance from one working season to the next.
Easy and comfortable shifting

Operator friendly transmission controls

Nine forward and three reverse speeds are achieved by using two platform-mounted levers for shift operation. The right-hand lever selects one of three forward and one reverse gear as well as a park position. The left-hand lever selects three collar-shifted ranges: A, B and C. 
Positive park pawl

Positive park position

A positive park pawl on the transmission provides positive park and eliminates the need for a handbrake.  This also eliminates clutch service costs that occur when the park brake is accidently left engaged.  The neutral start switch requires the gearshift lever to be in the park or neutral position to start the engine.
Ground speeds
Ground speeds for 9F/3R collar shift transmission
Base Equipment On : 5103, 5203, 5303, 5403
Last Updated : 06-Jul-2006