Tires, 76x50-32 flotation tire
9030 Series Scraper Tractor with flotation tires

9030 Series Scraper Tractor with flotation tires

These large single scraper tires (order code 4375) maintain overall tractor width to less than 12 ft.


A split rim design allows attachment of each tire to two hubs. The outer hub is attached to the rim via a steel disk.  The wheels provided with this option are manufactured by Southern Wheel & Rim. Warranty for these rims will be provided directly through Southern Wheel & Rim. Their warranty policy is as follows:

Southern Wheel & Rim
1044 North Lane Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32254

Warranty policy
Southern Wheel & Rim warrants that products fabricated by Southern Wheel & Rim shall be of first-class material and sound workmanship. this warranty is extended for a period of twelve (12) months from the wheel's original shipping date. Southern Wheel & Rim's obligation UNDER THIS WARRANTY shall be limited to the repair or exchange, at our option on any part thereof, upon inspection at our plant that proves to be defective in materials or workmanship. All transportation charges will be prepaid unless defects are found. In those cases the freight will be credited to the purchaser's account. This warranty does not apply to wheels that have been subjected to misuse, negligence, or accident, and does not apply to wheels that have been altered or repaired by anyone that is not approved to do said repairs by Southern Wheel & Rim in writing. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties either expressed or implied of merchantability, fitness, or otherwise. Southern Wheel & Rim shall not be responsible for any consequential damages or losses arising out of the misuse of all wheels produced by Southern Wheel & Rim.
Any and all issues concerning warranty, please call:

Jimmy Bevill (Manager) (904) 786-7542
Bob Deckert (Sales) (904) 786-7542

Last Updated : 25-Jul-2013