Radio, Deere/Delphi sound system packages
The John Deere 8R and 8RT Series Tractors offer controller area network (CAN) based factory- or field-installed radio options. There are three packages available:
  • Less radio and speakers
  • Deluxe
  • Premium
The deluxe and premium radio packages offer several features, functions, and controls for a wide variety of entertainment options and powerful performance.
Premium CD player shown

Premium CD player shown

Less radio, less speaker package
  • No radio option
  • No speakers
  • No antenna base, mast, or cable
 This option allows operators to customize their sound system at a later time if they choose.  The cab contains the necessary wiring for speakers and a radio.
NOTE:  CommandARM™ radio controls are not compatible with most aftermarket-installed radios.  For this reason, it is strongly recommended the tractor is ordered with a factory-installed radio when possible.

Deluxe radio package
  • AM/FM/weatherband receiver
  • Worldwide tuner
  • Remote radio controls (volume, mute, channel up/down) located on the CommandARM for convenient adjustment
  • Four coaxial speakers
  • AM/FM antenna
Premium radio package
  • AM/FM/Weatherband radio w/ CD player capable of playing MP3 files
  • Worldwide tuner
  • Remote radio controls (volume, mute, channel up/down, source) located on the CommandARM for convenient adjustment
  • CommandCenter™ displays station selected, volume level, and balance, fade, treble, middle, and base settings
  • Front faceplate USB and auxiliary input jack (3.5 mm) located on the radio faceplate and on the right-hand controls
  • Bluetooth® capable with a microphone in the cab
  • Satellite (XM) ready with antenna (not available in some geographic areas)
  • RDS functions including: program service (station identification), alternative frequencies, and traffic announcement/program (where available)
  • Four coaxial speakers
  • Subwoofer
  • AM/FM antenna
NOTE:  The premium radio is XM satellite ready with antenna and requires a satellite radio subscription (where available).  A subscription is NOT sold by John Deere.
The deluxe and premium systems also feature:
  • Separate ''seek'' and treble/bass controls
  • Clock designed into radio for added convenience
  • Weatherband feature standard on all radios to allow the operator to listen to NOAA weather channel broadcasts at the touch of a button
NOTE: To change the world tuner setting on the deluxe and premium radio, reference section 25: Operator station in the operator's manual.
Bluetooth microphone

Bluetooth microphone

The premium radio is also Bluetooth ready with a roof-mounted, in-cab microphone. Operators can wirelessly connect their Bluetooth phones to the radio ,and as a call comes in, the music is paused/muted and communication is done through the microphone in the roof and the cab radio speakers. 
Remote auxiliary jack (3.5 mm) premium shown

Remote auxiliary jack (3.5 mm) premium shown

8R and 8RT Series Tractor feature a remote auxiliary input jack (3.5 mm) located on the radio faceplate or on the right-hand console on premium radios.
Operators can now plug in a wide variety of add-on devices such as MP3 and iPod® players through the cab’s sound system. A storage location for the media devices is located on the right-hand console.
NOTE: Not compatible with itouch® or iphone®.
Radio controls (premium and deluxe radios)

Radio controls (premium and deluxe radios)

The 8R and 8RT Series Tractors offer remote radio controls on the CommandARM. Operators can adjust volume, mute, and pre-programmed channels with the push of a button.
Bluetooth is a U.S.-registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Incorporated.  iPod, iPod touch, and iPhone are U.S.-registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
Last Updated : 17-Mar-2011