Climate-controlled cabs achieve the smoothest, most quiet operating experience for increased performance
Cabs provide optimal operating experience

Cabs provide optimal operating experience

Climate-controlled cab interior

Climate-controlled cab interior

The operator of a 5E Narrow Series Cab will appreciate the reduction in noise and vibration through the seat, steering wheel, and lever controls with a roll-over protective structure (ROPS) certified, factory-installed cab.
The cabs are assembled to the tractor chassis as a complete unit and mounted on composite isolators. This system of assembly and mounting is similar to the successful mounting methods of the larger-horsepower tractors in the John Deere ag tractor family.
The perfect operator environment
5E Narrow Series cabs provide a clean, quiet environment protected from the elements. A powerful air-conditioning system and heat allow the operator to control the cab climate to preference, regardless of the conditions outside. The standard visor blocks the sun on bright days, while a dome light allows the operator to see controls at all times of the day.
The cab's side windows open forward for excellent ventilation. The left-side door opens wide for easy entry and egress. For excellent rear visibility, the 19 U.S. gal. fuel tank is located below the left-hand side of the platform. The rear window opens to 70 degrees, providing visibility to the operator when hooking up implements. An interior rearview mirror provides additional visibility.
A tilt and telescoping steering column enables a custom fit for each operator. The clean, uncluttered interior design with flat platform maximizes the operator's space. A conveniently located beverage holder provides space for their drink of choice. Take further pleasure in the ride with a radio available as a field-installed attachment.
Operating features and solutions
Right-hand console

Right-hand console

Left-hand console

Left-hand console

Excellent overall visibility in all applications with a swing-out rear window opens to a full 70 degrees for easier implement hookup and visibility. A front windshield wiper with washer ensures the operator can safely see the surroundings of the tractor (a rear wiper is available for field installation).
Excellent night visibility is achieved with a full lighting package, and work lights are easily adjusted to redirect light without tools.
The operator's station is equipped with a convenient three-pin power outlet for a monitor, controllers, and other operating necessities. Four sets of mounting bosses and a removable rear access plug for monitor or controller harnesses also make using a monitor easy.
A rear seven-pin electrical outlet socket is for implement electrical requirements, and a 90-amp alternator handles increased electrical requirements. To handle increased powertrain and hydraulic requirements in severe conditions, a hydraulic oil cooler comes standard.
The battery is located at the front of the tractor for easy access. Fenders are designed to provide plenty of tire clearance, even with the largest wheel-tire combinations.
Safety features are as follows:
  • ROPS-certified structure for operator protection
  • Tempered safety glass in case of breakage
  • Left and right outside mirrors available (optional)
  • Roof-mounted amber turn-signal/flashing-warning lights for road transport—two front and two rear
  • Two fender-mounted taillights for road transport
  • Two large cleated steps on each side
Deluxe adjustable cloth seat
Deluxe cloth seat

Deluxe cloth seat

A deluxe adjustable cloth seat is standard with cab tractors. Ergonomically-designed seat cushioning and support provide unsurpassed operator comfort. This is the same basic seat used with vinyl covering for the isolated open operator station tractors.
Fore-aft adjustment is easy using a lever located at the operator's right-hand side. Height adjustment is accomplished without tools and four possible positions set the limit for how high the seat will travel.
A weight-suspension adjustment is easily accomplished from the seat and adjusts to the operator's weight (100 lb to 275 lb).
When the suspension is set to the weight of the operator, the indicated height setting appears through a display window. This allows the operator to set the seat suspension at its mid-point of travel. The backrest angle is adjustable with a lever in the lower-left corner of the seat cushion and retractable seat belts are easily accessible.
Air-suspension seat (field-installed option)
Air-suspension seat

Air-suspension seat

The air-suspension seat is designed to provide an air-cushion for vertical seat travel. This provides maximum operator comfort in any terrain.

The seat features are as follows:
  • Push button at the base of the seat pumps up the seat. Pull the button to deflate the seat.
  • Seat slides fore and aft with a lever on the right-hand side of the seat.
  • Seatback reclines with a lever in the lower-left corner of the seat cushion.
  • Upper backrest extension is available as a field-installed option.
The optional field-installed air-suspension seat kit requires the existing standard seat to be reused when installed.
Key benefits include the following:
  1. Maximum ride comfort and quality minimize operator fatigue.
  2. Air suspension dampens the lower frequency vibration better than mechanical suspensions.
  3. Weight capacity of operator is increased to 330 lb.
  4. Closeout boot provides enhanced appearance.

Code Bundle  Description
  LVB24983 Air-suspension seat
Optional Equipment On : 5EN Series
Last Updated : 24-Aug-2010