Axle, MFWD with 52-degree turn angle
6030 Premium Series Tractor shown

6030 Premium Series Tractor shown

The Caster/Action™ mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) axle is base equipment on all models, regardless of the transmission.
The MFWD axle provides the following advantages over 2WD tractors:
  • Converts more engine torque to drawbar pull power for increased productivity
  • Reduces wheel slippage with less tractor ballasting for reduced soil compaction and increased fuel economy
MFWD operational features
6030 Premium Series shown

6030 Premium Series shown

On-the-go engagement is accomplished with a console-mounted switch that enables the operator to engage or disengage mechanical front-wheel drive without clutching.
For further ease of operation, the automatic mode may be selected. When the automatic mode is selected, front-wheel drive is automatically disengaged once the tractor exceeds 14.5 mph (23.3 km/h).
Exclusive 12-degree Caster/Action design:
  • Permits wheels to tilt and tuck under the tractor chassis to achieve sharp turns
  • Improves stability and steering accuracy and provides positive traction on turns
  • Allows a maximum 52-degree turn angle
The centerline design provides excellent maneuverability and crop clearance. The high pivot-point axle design allows the axle to oscillate a full 11 degrees for better turn angle and less stress transmitted to the tractor chassis. Multi-position front wheels provide a wide range of tread settings from 60 in. to 79.4 in. If a wider tread setting is desired, 2-in. (51-mm) spacers may be ordered through Parts.

Limited slip automatically compensates for traction differences to maximize pull. This feature is also included in base equipment.
6030 Premium Series Tractor shown

6030 Premium Series Tractor shown

Large, full-coverage flexible fenders are optional equipment:
  • Help protect the operator's station from mud and debris
  • Feature a full range of adjustments to accommodate a variety of tread settings and tire sizes
Turnable fenders are not compatible with 14.9R24, 13.6R28, and 16.9R24 front tires at 60-in. (1524-mm) and 63-in. (1616-mm) tread settings with 563 and 673 Loaders.
NOTE: Auto MFWD feature is base equipment on 6030 Premium and 7030 Premium Series Cab Tractors produced after 01 November 2007.
Base Equipment On : 6030 Series, 6030 Premium Series, 7030 Series, and 7030 Premium Series Tractors
Last Updated : 24-Jun-2011