John Deere PowerTech™ 5-cylinder diesel engines
Outstanding performance and durability
John Deere 5-cylinder engine

John Deere 5-cylinder engine

John Deere designed and manufactured diesel engines provide excellent torque, fuel efficiency, and durability.

Turbocharged, air-to-air aftercooled
Turbocharged engines supply more air to the combustion chamber since the air is pre-compressed. The increased amount of air allows a corresponding increase in fuel injection which results in greater engine performance.  
Air-to-air aftercooling is the most efficient method of cooling intake air to help reduce engine emissions while maintaining low-speed torque, transient response time, and peak torque. Air-to-air aftercoolers allow engines to meet emissions regulations with better fuel economy.
Hydraulic lifters
Hydraulic lifters with automatic adjustment eliminate the valve-lash adjustment, which is performed by a certified John Deere technician.  This reduces maintenance costs and keeps the tractor working.
Balanced crankshaft
A statically- and dynamically-balanced crankshaft reduces engine vibration.  The operator's body absorbs less vibration allowing them to stay attentive and consistent throughout the work day.
Direct fuel injection
Direct fuel injection provides peace of mind by improving starting.  The operator gets more horsepower per gallon of fuel because it is injected directly on top of pistons for more efficient combustion.
Operate in all weather conditions
Operators can plan to operate in winter weather conditions because the engine is equipped with glow plugs, separate governor system, and cold-start timing advance system.  Once temperatures reach 20 degrees Farenheit, glow plugs should be used by turning the key to the run position and pushing in for 15 seconds.
Full-pressure lubrication system
Piston cooling jets

Piston cooling jets

The full-pressure lubrication system ultimately protects your wallet from maintenance costs.  The underside of each piston and piston pin is sprayed with cooled and filtered oil, which eliminates excessive heat for longer life. The full-flow filter allows the cleanest fuel to be delivered to the engine for maximum performance and filter bypass so the tractor will never be starved for oil due to an exhausted filter.
Engine oil cooler
Engine oil cooler provides additional engine oil cooling, allowing operators to run in severe applications, reducing the likelihood that the engine will overheat.
Operate safely with the neutral start switch and electric fuel shutoff
A neutral start switch ensures operator and bystander safety, the right-hand gear shift lever must be in the park or neutral position for the engine to start.
Electric fuel shutoff allows you to easily turn the tractor off with the key, just like an automobile. A solenoid on the injection pump that permits using a key instead of a push-pull cable to shut off the engine. Electric fuel shutoff does not allow bypass starting.  If an attempt is made to bypass start the tractor, through the use of electronics, the electric fuel shutoff will not allow the engine to start.
Dry-type air cleaner
A dry-type air cleaner has a dual-element design for added engine protection against dust or debris from entering the combustion chamber, ensuring performance time opposed to shop time.  Reaching the filter for service is easy, the operator simply unlatches three clips.  A restriction indicator light on the dash alerts the operator when servicing is required to save the owner from potential engine repairs.
Single-element fuel filter
A single-element fuel filter partners up with the hand primer and water sediment bowl to deliver the complete package.  John Deere designed specifically to meet the needs of John Deere tractors, the fuel filter provides a hand primer to prime the system for an easy fix for any operator who gets busy working and forgets to fuel up.  The water separator stores water separated from the fuel to protect owners from the cost of fuel injection pump failures due to water contamination.
Automotive-style poly-vee fan drive belt
The automotive-style fan drive belt drives the fan, water pump, and alternator.  The belt features a self-adjusting spring tensioner, which eliminates service tasks, the need for a wrench, and extends the life of the belt because it is always in the correct adjustment.
Approved fuel
The use of biodiesel fuel up to 20% (B20) concentration is approved. Biodiesel fuel needs to meet ASTM PS 121 or DIN 51606 specifications.  A local fuel supplier can provide specifications.
Base Equipment On : 5065M, 5075M
Last Updated : 25-Jul-2013