Power take-off (PTO) operation
PTO operation

PTO operation


PTO operation configuration:

1. Engine

2. Engine clutch

3. Transmission

4. Wheel

5. PTO clutch

6. PTO selection

7. Rear PTO

8. Mid PTO

The 1026R Tractor features an independent mid- and rear-PTO (no clutching).

The PTO is hydraulically engaged with a wet disk clutch for long life.

Mid- and rear-PTO shafts are operated through a separate clutch that is completely independent of the engine clutch and transmission.
  • Allows PTO to be engaged or disengaged while machine is stopped or on-the-go
  • Also means that machine travel can be started and stopped and direction changed without affecting PTO operation
  • Mid and rear PTO can be operated separately
  • Wet disk brake stops mid and rear PTO for added safety
PTO selector

PTO selector

PTO engagement knob

PTO engagement knob

To operate PTO, simply shift the PTO selector to one of the following positions and pull up on the PTO engagement knob located on the dash; no foot clutch is required.

1) Mid PTO position - operates mid-PTO-driven implement such as a mid-mower or snow blower.
2) Rear PTO position - operates rear-PTO-driven implements.
3) Mid- and rear-PTO position - operates mid-PTO-driven and rear-PTO-driven implements simultaneously (for example, mid-mower and fertilizer spreader or snow blower and salt/sand spreader).

Additional features include:
  • Hydraulic multi-disk PTO clutch for long life
  • PTO clutch is designed to allow PTO to engage smoothly. 
  • PTO brake stops mid and rear PTO quickly
  • Rear PTO shaft can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing easy implement hookup
  • Rear PTO has ''easy-fit'' PTO spline; the drive shaft does not have to be perfectly parallel for PTO connection
  • Rear PTO shield provides safety; can be flipped up for better access to PTO when hooking up implement drive shaft
Safety system:
  • PTO light on dash is illuminated whenever PTO is engaged
  • PTO and engine will shut off when operator leaves seat with the PTO engaged
  • PTO must be disengaged for tractor to start
Last Updated : 26-Jul-2011