Save maintenance minutes when servicing 5E Limited Series Tractors

Ease of maintenance ensures the operator will perform daily maintenance, so the 5E Limited Tractor is always ready to work.
The one-piece, tilt-up hood provides easy access to service points under the hood. The front-mounted battery is under the hood and easily accessible.  
Remove three simple clips to change the air filter. The drive belt has a self-adjusting tensioner, eliminating a service interval and the need for a wrench. A see-through design of the coolant recovery tank enables checking the coolant level without removing the radiator cap.
Simplify service checks with automotive-type fuses. and an air restriction indicator light that alerts the operator when air cleaner servicing is needed. A 300-hour engine oil and filter change interval saves the owner time and money; the interval extends to 450 hours with Torq-Gard Supreme™ Plus-50™ engine oil.
Hydraulic oil sight glass

Hydraulic oil sight glass

A transmission fluid check is done by viewing the hydraulic sight glass located under the power take-off (PTO) shield. The sight glass ensures tractor hydraulic performance as there is no opportunity for dirt and debris to enter the system while checking the oil level.
Note the oil level in the photo is overly full; the correct operating level is achieved when oil is at the top arrow in the upper glass (just above the bottom of the upper glass).
The hydraulic filter is changed every 600 hours; increased intervals save the operator maintenance time and money.
Easy-to-reach rear-mounted fuel tank

Easy-to-reach rear-mounted fuel tank

Spend  more time operating and less time at the pump with a rear-mounted easy-to-access 33.5 U.S gal. fuel tank.
Base Equipment On : 5083E Limited, 5093E Limited, 5101E Limited
Last Updated : 25-Jul-2013