Mechanically-actuated wet-disk brakes
6D Series brake pedals

6D Series brake pedals

Advantages of wet-disk brakes

Mechanically-actuated wet-disk brakes are base equipment providing many advantages to the operator.
Eight friction disks operate on the rear axle to provide smooth braking. These asbestos-free brakes are splashed with cooled and filtered oil to provide heat dissipation and long life even under high use. Spring-action retractor system moves brake actuator plates away from the disk to eliminate brake drag, reducing power losses and saving fuel.

Brake pedal location
Suspended brake pedals provide comfortable operation with increased foot room on the platform.  Brake pedals can be joined by an easy-to-use locking tab for braking action on both rear wheels when in transport, or they can be unlocked to make tighter turns in the field.  A parking brake lever is also conveniently located next to the brake pedals for locking the brakes.
Last Updated : 23-Feb-2015