12F/12R PowrReverser™ transmission is ideal for heavy applications
Electrohydraulic reverser lever

Electrohydraulic reverser lever

The John Deere built PowrReverser transmission provides 12 forward speeds and 12 reverse speeds for operators requiring additional operating ranges for field work and other applications. It comes standard as the 12F/12R PowrReverser with shiftable 540/540 Economy PTO. This transmission is ideal for operators using their tractors to perform in heavy applications.
Hydraulic wet forward and reverse clutches maximize durability and will outlast the life of any dry clutch. When tractors are run by multiple operators with a variety of experience levels, a wet clutch is the best way to maintain transmission integrity and performance while decreasing clutch replacement costs.
Two platform-mounted levers offer easy and comfortable shifting for a pleasant operator experience. The gear-shift lever is easy to reach and the less-used range lever is now shorter.
Unique knobs make it easier to distinguish between the two. The forward lever selects one of four speeds, all synchronized shifts for on-the-go shifting with the use of the clutch. The rear lever selects collar-shift A, B, and C ranges, which are not synchronized.
Maximum productivity is achieved with hydraulic powershift between forward and reverse and is ideal for loader and rear blade applications that require frequent directional switches in tight spaces. Excellent modulation allows the operator to shift the direction lever from neutral to forward or reverse, forward to reverse, reverse to forward, or to neutral from forward or reverse.
Operators can accomplish all these directional changes without sacrificing comfort or dealing with the hassle of depressing the clutch pedal. The speed of directional changes can be adjusted to the operator's preference or application demands with the field-installed infinitely variable control kit.
An electrohydraulic fingertip directional lever control allows the operator to effortlessly switch directions with a small finger motion. The control is located on the left side of the instrument console and selects forward, reverse, and neutral positions.
It also allows the operator to steer and shift direction with the left hand, freeing the right hand to operate other tractor controls, such as the loader, rear implements, or hand throttle.
5E Limited

5E Limited

Constant-mesh, helical-cut gears provide quieter operation and excellent reliability while the pressure-lubricated top shaft adds to the transmission durability. Fully enclosed, rigid shift linkages for short throw and crisp shifts enable all operators to clearly know in what range and gear they are operating.
Positive park pawl on the transmission provides positive park and eliminates the need for a hand brake.
This also eliminates clutch service costs that occur when the park brake is accidentally left engaged. A neutral start switch requires the directional lever to be in the neutral position to start the engine.
Ground speeds
See the story on 12F/12R transmission ground speeds.
Base Equipment On : 5083E Limited, 5093E Limited, 5101E Limited, 5083E Narrow, 5093E Narrow, 5101E Narrow
Last Updated : 25-Jul-2013