Transmissions, PowrQuad™ 19-mph and 25-mph
PowrQuad transmission
PowrQuad PLUS transmission controls

PowrQuad PLUS transmission controls

PowrQuad transmission controls

PowrQuad transmission controls

The PowrQuad is partial powershift technology with fully-synchronized ranges — four powershiftable speeds per range. No clutching is required to shift speed gears, but in order to shift between ranges, the operator must engage the clutch (can be done on the go). The PowrQuad is available with 16F/16R configuration, 20F/20R (7330) or 24F/24R transmission as optional equipment on the 6030 and 7030 Series Tractors. 
For all cab tractors (including low-clearance cabs), the PowrQuad PLUS transmission is a one-lever design, featuring electronic powershift buttons on the top of the range lever. For all open-station tractors, a two-lever design is present. The two-lever design features one synchronized range lever and one powershift lever for each of the four gears within each range.
PowrQuad 16F/16R transmission
Speed chart for 16F/16R

Speed chart for 16F/16R

The PowrQuad and PowrQuad PLUS 16/16 provides 16 well-spaced forward speeds (1.5 mph to 18.0 mph, or 2.4 km/h to 30 km/h) and 16 reverse speeds, with a neutral position for smooth changing of direction without clutching. 
PowrQuad speed charts 
The transmission has four speeds, from 1.5 mph to 2.7 mph, and nine speeds in the important field working range, from 2.7 mph to 9.1 mph. It also has eight speeds for field transport or road transport, from 5.7 mph to 18.9 mph. The speed increase in reverse is 18 percent faster compared to corresponding forward speeds.
PowrQuad 24F/24R and 20F/20R transmissions

The PowrQuad 20/20 (7330)and PowrQuad 24/24 (6030 and 71-7230) provide an additional four or eight speeds (one or two additional ranges) over the PowrQuad 16/16. These additional gears allow for more gears in the field working range and a transport speed up to 25 mph (40 km/h).
PowrQuad Speed Charts
All cab models feature an electronic left-hand reverser for PowrQuad PLUS models, while a mechanical left-hand reverser is featured on open-station models with the PowrQuad transmission (except orchard tractors with right-hand reverser).

Speed modulation
The PowrQuad transmission uses a speed module for fast, smooth, reliable shifting. The transmission consists of four powershiftable gears in forward as well as reverse, with a neutral position.
A four-disk PermaClutch 2™ is integrated into the speed module and located between the four-speed planetary unit and the power reverser for forward motion. The reverse drive is controlled by a separate, large, triple-disk brake, which is part of the reverser unit.
Mechanical power reverser

Mechanical power reverser

The mechanical reverser on all open-station models or the electronic left-hand reverser on cab models provides quick and convenient forward-reverse shifting in any speed with the power reverser. No clutching is required for forward or reverse shuttle shifting between speeds.
The neutral position and neutral-to-gear modulation allows the operator to precisely control the tractor in front-loader applications or any other application requiring frequent shuttle shifts for fast and efficient, jerk-free operation.
Base Equipment On : 7330 Tractors
Optional Equipment On : 6030 and 7030 Series Tractors
Last Updated : 25-Jul-2013