The DirectDrive transmission combines the efficiency benefits of a manual shift transmission with the ease of operation of the IVT™ transmission.
The modular concept, integrated in the frame
The best of both worlds: efficiency and comfort

The best of both worlds: efficiency and comfort


A unique efficiency is reached by
  • 100 percent mechanical power transfer
  • Double-clutch technology, unique to agricultural markets
  • Ranges perfectly fitted to agricultural applications – less need of range shifts
  • Excellent reduction in engine rpm at 40 km/h

An outstanding comfort is achieved by
  • An operator concept that allows to run similar to an infinitely variable transmission
  • Auto clutch function when braking
  • Three set-speeds
The modular concept
DirectDrive transmission integrated into frame

DirectDrive transmission integrated into frame

DirectDrive transmission

DirectDrive transmission

The DirectDrive transmission consists of the range box (1), the dual-path module (2), the PowrReverser™ (3)
Range box
The range box of the DirectDrive consists of three ranges perfectly suited for agricultural applications.

  • Range A: 2.7-10.8 km/h (.74-6.7 mph)
  • Range B: 5.4-22 km/h (3.35-13.67 mph)
  • Range C: 13-40 km/h at 1550 rpm (8.1-25 mph)
Changing the range is quick and simple. And due to its adaptation to agricultural applications, hardly ever required in the field. Less range shifting means fewer torque interruptions.
Perfect ranges for all needs (40 km/h version)

Perfect ranges for all needs (40 kph version)

Dual-path module
Dual-path module powershift gears

Dual-path module powershift gears

The dual-path module includes the eight powershift gears, available in all three ranges. The powershift gears can change automatically and reduce engine rpm, creating a very efficient drive strategy to save fuel and reduce noise.
The main technical innovation is the use of two clutches in one transmission. This system allows very fast shifting between gears and is highly efficient. The second gear is already lined up, ready to go, and just waiting for the change command to be given.

Left-hand reverser
Left-hand reverser

Left-hand reverser

The durable left-hand reverser features an ergonomically designed lever and knob from which the operator can control three functions with the multifunctional lever.
  • Park lock - tractor cannot move
  • Forward/reverse 
  • Neutral
Gear and range views in display
Dashboard display

Dashboard display

As with the other transmissions, in the DirectDrive transmission, the selected range and selected powershift gear can be viewed in the dashboard.
Set speed indicated in the dashboard

Set speed indicated in the dashboard

Similar to the IVT transmission control and display, with the DirectDrive transmission, the tractor has the red lights inside the speed display so the operator can see how fast the tractor will go at full throttle. This is adjusted using the speed wheel on top of the shift control lever.
Cab ComfortView™ Premium Plus - right-hand console
Control unit integrated into CommandARM

Control unit integrated into CommandARM

The DirectDrive transmission control unit is embedded in the CommandARM™.

Features of the CommandARM
  • Speed control unit 
  • Electrical throttle 
  • Electrohydraulic selective control valves (SCVs) 
  • iTEC™ switch 
  • AutoTrac™ resume switch 
  • Power take-off (PTO) 
  • Hitch control
DirectDrive control unit
The DirectDrive control unit consists of the speed control lever that has an ergonomically integrated infinitely adjustable speed wheel. Also integrated are three buttons to set the ranges.
  • Range buttons
    • Quick and precise speed changes with the A, B, B/C- range shift buttons
    • Selection depends on the work to be done
      • Range A: Draft work
      • Range B: PTO work
      • Range B/C: Transport (includes automatic range shift from range B to C)
  • Speed Lever
    • Ergonomically integrated speed wheel to infinitely adjust the speed
    • Two-function slot to set the eight power shift gears; auto mode and manual mode
    • Easily change between modes using only the speed lever, without using the clutch
Manual mode

In this mode, the operator manually changes the gears and decides which gear to select.  Push the lever up (+) to select a higher gear and push the lever down (-) to select a lower gear.
Auto mode
DirectDrive speed lever in auto mode

DirectDrive speed lever in auto mode

If the lever is put in the right position, the auto mode is selected and the transmission shifts automatically, depending on the engine load and speed.
CommandCenter™ settings - Full auto mode
DirectDrive full auto mode

DirectDrive full auto mode

Full auto mode enables the tractor to make adjustments to the transmission operating mode automatically, based on the engine and transmission speeds and the load on the tractor.

Full auto mode switches between load control and fuel economy mode seamlessly, with no involvement from the operator, as conditions and applications change. Fuel economy mode automatically switches off when the PTO is engaged to provide full PTO power. Operators can set the maximum forward and reverse speeds for the tractor in their particular application.
  • Custom mode
  • Custom mode settings
  • Load anticipation feature
  • Brake with integrated AutoClutch function
CommandCenter setting - Custom mode
Custom mode settings for DirectDrive

Custom mode settings for DirectDrive

Custom mode allows the operator to customize the DirectDrive settings where full auto mode is not desirable.
  • Auto shift engine speed droop 
    If the tractor runs under full load, the gear shifting can get customized with this setting.

    A speed droop expressed as percentage of full engine speed can be chosen:
    • between 6 percent and 40 percent with PTO off
    • between 20 percent and 40 percent with PTO on
  • ECO engine speed
    Running under partial load, this setting allows the operator to adjust the minimum engine rpm
    • Automatic lowering of engine rpm, if possible, under partial load to reduce fuel consumption
    • Setting between 1800 engine rpm - 1200 engine rpm
    • For specific applications (either with PTO or without), engine speed droop can be shut off (ECO off)
    • For example, driving with a trailer downhill, engine rpm can be reduced
  • Load anticipation feature can be enabled for:
    • Hitch engagement 
    • Hydraulic engagement
  • This feature allows the DirectDrive to predict how much load the engine expects from the activation of the hitch or a particular SCV function.
    • John Deere exclusive feature.
    • Tractor is able to recognize when the additional power is needed within an application.
    • Saves fuel because engine rpm lowers when additional power is no longer needed.
Brake with integrated AutoClutch function
AutoClutch function is integrated – no clutching required

AutoClutch function is integrated – no clutching required

By depressing both brake pedals simultaneously, the tractor decelerates until it comes to a full stop. No clutching is required. After the brakes are released, the tractor will return to the previous speed.
Last Updated : 25-Jul-2013