Attachments, engine manifold and engine block heater
Engine manifold heater
The engine manifold heater heats up the engine air intake to assist with cold-weather starting. To engage, turn the ignition key to the left and hold for 20 seconds.
Engine block heater - 110 volts
The engine block heater heats up the engine coolant surrounding the engine block. The engine block heater, 110 volts, needs to be plugged into an electrical circuit to be activated. The coolant is pre-warmed prior to the tractor starting, and this fluid warms the engine block to assist in cold weather starting.
 RE199488Engine manifold heater
Note:For 6003 and 6D Series Tractors.

Engine block heater (110V)

Note:For all 6000 and 6D Series Tractors.
Last Updated : 24-Jun-2011