Attachments, drawbar clevis and pin
Drawbar clevis and pin

Drawbar clevis and pin

This feature allows attaching implements equipped with a flat hitch link. 

Drawbar, standard swinging, with hammerstrap

Note: Available for 6030 OOS, 7030 OOS, and 6030 and 7030 Premium Series Cab Tractors.  Not compatible with code 9442.

Drawbar, high clearance, with sway chains and hammerstrap

Note: Not recommended for tall tires, if tractor will be used for PTO-powered pull-type implements. 

Available for 6030 OOS and Cab, 6030 Premium Series, 7130-7230 OOS and Cab, and 7130-7230 Premium Series Tractors.


Drawbar clevis and pin

Note: Available for 7220-7520 Series Small-Frame Cab Tractors.

Heavy-duty drawbar clevis and pin option


Drawbar has a maximum static load of 4955 lb, which increases standard drawbar capacity by 500 lb.

Note: Available for 7130 and 7230 Cab Tractors.
Last Updated : 24-Jul-2013