Power take-off (PTO) conversion kit
35-mm (1 3/8-in.), 540-/1000-rpm PTO with built-in overload protection
35-mm (1 3/8-in.), 1000/540 PTO and torque-limiting collar

35-mm (1 3/8-in.), 1000/540 PTO and torque-limiting collar

This bolt-on 35-mm (1 3/8-in.), 1000-rpm and 35-mm (1 3/8-in.), 540-rpm PTO unit is designed with built-in overload protection by using a torque-limiting collar that slides over the PTO shaft.

Ordering this kit provides all three shaft sizes shipped with the tractor. The 45-mm (1 3/4-in.), 1000-rpm PTO comes installed on the tractor, with a 35-mm (1 3/8-in.), 1000/540 PTO unit placed in the cab. This PTO kit provides complete implement versatility for high-horsepower tractors.

Conversion kit from 45-mm (1 3/4-in.) to 35-mm (1 3/8-in.)
540/1000-rpm PTO


NOTE: Conversion for tractor equipped with code 3820.
Not compatible with Category 4 drawbar.
Compatible with 8R Series Wheel Tractors.
Last Updated : 08-Sep-2021