Rear hydraulic kit
3E Series Tractors can be equipped with a field-installed rear hydraulic remote kit, providing two additional hydraulic spools on the back of the tractor. This kit can be field installed on a tractor with a loader or without a loader.
The functions are completely separate from the loader. These rear remotes can be hooked up to a wide variety of implements and attachments such as the following:
  • Hydraulically angled blade
  • Hydraulically controlled chute/spout on a 3-point hitch-mounted snow blower
  • Hydraulic scarifiers on a box blade
  • Many other hydraulic rear attachments
This versatile kit gives 3E Series Tractor operators the options they desire for putting their tractors into a wide range of tasks. The first spool is equipped with a float position, giving the operator the ability to contour the landscape and improve the final grade with certain implements.
Please note that neither of the spools in this kit are equipped with a detent position; therefore, they should not be hooked up to anything with a motor, as the valve was not designed to be run open. It is designed for momentary, on-demand hydraulic flow such as moving a cylinder.
The approximate installation time is 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

Rear hydraulic kit

NOTE:  For model year 2018 and newer 3E Series Tractors

Rear hydraulic kit 

NOTE:  For model year 2017 and older 3E Series Tractors

Discontinued - Rear hydraulic kit

NOTE:  Availability limited to dealer inventory.
Last Updated : 19-Aug-2017